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I’ve gone back to this quilt after putting it aside for other projects. I pinned it and am now quilting it.


It’s huge, and it’s tricky. I started out with one quilt pattern that I just hated.


That pink square has been my undoing this past week. It took me hours, but I picked out that entire 12″ square so that I could go with a pattern more like what I did in the cream squares.


So. Many. Picked. Stitches.

I never want to see red thread again! Then I thought I had the whole thing quilted and realized that actually, my backing is a little too short. This has never, ever happened to me, I think because it’s so big it just got away from me when I pinned it. So now I’m picking out some stitches along the bottom row so I can sew a long strip to the bottom and extend the length of the backing. Then I will go back and quilt over that area. It’s definitely the red variegated thread I used, it is doing something to my brain.