It’s paper time.

H and I┬áhit up The Container Store in Paramus last Friday, the same day as coffee with Kathy, for one of my favorite annual holiday traditions. I actually debated whether we should make the hour drive this year just for wrapping paper, when I’d seen some cute prints at our local TJ Maxx. But tradition is tradition is tradition. It makes me happy to watch H get in on these rituals.


Her attention span is, admittedly, short. She was really into picking wrapping paper for a few minutes, and then she was really into the kid desk with crayons they had set up. She may be brief, but she is decisive.


I would show her rolls that I like, like this one black roll that looked like a chalkboard with writing. She shot me right down with a “No, thank you!” For more than one of my own picks. She went straight for red and bright green this year, and she went for sparkle. I can’t argue with that. She has a solid history of picking our holiday paper.