A year of outfits! This is an embarrassing number of selfies. Also, I still can’t spell embarrassing correctly without spell check.

And this is how I did with my resolutions for 2014. I actually hit a bunch of these! Making resolutions is kind of ridiculous, but it is also one of my favorite traditions. I don’t really look back at these throughout the year, so I like arriving at New Year’s Eve and seeing how my year actually went compared to what I thought would happen at the start of it. It’s a weirdly satisfying time capsule.

I set some concrete goals:

  • Sell at least one quilt. I didn’t specify to a person or to a magazine, and since I have a similar resolution below I’ll leave this one open.
  • Start writing for at least 2 new outlets. I wrote for NJ Monthly and What the Flicka? this year. Yay! 
  • Actually redesign this blog. Done! Amazing!
  • Get a quilt tutorial published. Technically this will happen in 2015, but my first one should be on newstands any day. I’ll post an update. And, I’ve got a second one in the works!
  • Organize my scraps. I tackled this one the first week in January
  • Do more stash-busting. I didn’t buy much fabric in 2013, but I didn’t use much up, either. I feel like I barely sewed this year. Here’s what I did make.
  • Find a playgroup for H. Not really.
  • Try designing my own fabric (after the Illustrator class). Nope.
  • Create a system for keeping track of writing/crafting/blogging projects, pitches, etc. This is kind of tackled. I have a system now, I’m just not good at actually using it.

Then I set a bunch of touchy-feely goals. Unsurprisingly, I didn’t do as well with this list.

  • Figure out my new career, and my new identity. Ideally it would give me the freedom to work at home and be around for H. I’m really loving that right now. I don’t know how to call this one since I’m working 2 days a week at school and home with H the rest of the week. And also *trying* to write and sew as well. It’s been…a lot of juggling this year. 
  • Strike a better balance with work/home/play. Sometimes I can only find time to deal with work or home, and everything else takes a backseat. This one is always in flux, but I think I did okay this year. Especially with a new job.
  • Create more. Just, more. Write, sew, craft. Start painting again. It was a slow year for creativity in some ways and an awesome one in many others. But I point to the two-year-old for any lack of productivity.
  • Keep striving to organize and time manage. This is a perennial wish, and one that I will never stop trying to achieve. I don’t know if anyone ever gets it right. *laughs uncontrollably* Sometimes my resolutions are just ADORABLE.
  • Take better care of myself. Walk, get fresh air, take time out, do something for me occasionally. It’s hard to take care of the family if I’m not taking care of myself, and this is a classic mom oversight. Just UGH.
  • Get back into reading. Just for the joy of it, not for the job of it. Nope. Worst reading year ever.
  • Go somewhere new. Northern France.
  • Put more positivity into the world. In links I share, things I write, thoughts I have. Cultivate new friendships, reach out to people, tell them when they’re important. It’s nice to know when someone is thinking about you, even in small gestures. It’s weird, I feel like I’m more distant from some of my closest friends, but I still feel like I did alright with this one. 
  • Continue to be grateful and open, even in the face of a completely unknown year. I’ve got the support of my family and friends, so I need to cut myself a break and trust that things will work out exactly as they’re supposed to. Still living the dream.

And just because I didn’t actually post the outfit photos for December alone, here’s that photo:

December 2014 Outfits