Yes, it’s been more than a week since I’ve posted anything. The holidays are snowing me under a little bit, I’m still in denial that Christmas is a week away. And it’s not that I don’t have a ton of stuff to post, it’s that I’ve just been running on full holiday steam since Thanksgiving.

But this week was one of my favorites of the school year, so I had to get these up! It was time for the kindergarten classes to become authors of their own Laura Numeroff-style “If You…” stories. I love this whole unit, we’ve read all of Numeroff’s If You… books, written our own class versions, and next week we’ll illustrate them (after I make these versions legible to kindergartners). This is the 4th year I’ve done this unit, and I still love it every year. And I kind of love doing it before the holidays, which I’ve done for 3 years. Even when the kids are hyper and I’m exhausted, this lesson always puts me in a great mood. Check out their creativity this year: