So the 2009 count was 302, and the 2008 count was 356. Let’s see how I do this year.

2008: 356 Books Read
2009: 302 Books Read

C=Chapter Book/Easy Reader
CN=Children’s Novel
CNF=Children’s Nonfiction
NF=Other Nonfiction (Teen or Adult)
P=Picture Book

* Audio Book

A note about children’s books: It’s hard for me to remember every book I read as a kid, and I often come across older classics that I know I read when I was little but can’t remember in detail (I know I read every single Ramona book, but do I remember Ramona and Her Father exactly? Nope). I limit the novels to things I read this year, but there are some picture books appearing here that are re-reads from childhood. I’m putting them on the list this year for the first time because they are new to me as an adult. An example is Harry the Dirty Dog, which I picked up and read and recognized as a book I read many times as a kid. But now I remember what happens in the book, so here it is on the list.


Picture Books
1. The Little Red Hen (Makes a Pizza)-Philemon Sturges (P)
2. Cinderella (Jump at the Sun Books)-John Kurtz (P)
3. Three Little Kittens-Lorianne Siomades (P)
4. Jack and the Beanstalk-adapted by Richard Walker (P)
5. The Three Bears-adapted by Paul Galdone (P)
6. Coyote Steals the Blanket: A Ute Tale-Janet Stevens (P)
7. Ananse’s Feast: An Ashanti Tale-Tololwa M. Mollel (P)
8. Sugar Cane: A Caribbean Rapunzel-Patricia Storace (P)
9. The Twelve Dancing Princesses-Rachel Isadora (P)
10. Little Red Riding Hood (Jump at the Sun Books)-John Kurtz (P)
11. Rapunzel-The Grimm Brothers/Paul O. Zelinsky (P)
12. The Three Billy Goats Gruff-Glen Rounds (P)
13. Dear Benjamin Banneker-Andrea Davis Pinkney (P)(B)
14. Little Boy-Alison McGhee (P)
15. So Many Days-Alison McGhee (P)
16. Day Is Done-Peter Yarrow (P)
17. My Little Polar Bear-Claudia Rueda (P)
18. Henry in Love-Peter McCarty (P)
19. The Purple Kangaroo-Michael Ian Black (P)
20. My Heart Is Like a Zoo-Michael Hall (P)
21. Robot Zot!-Jon Scieszka (P)
22. The Lion and the Mouse-Jerry Pinkney (P)
23. All the World-Liz Garton Scanlon (P)
24. Red Sings from Treetops: A Year in Colors-Joyce Sidman (P)
25. Cold Paws, Warm Heart-Madeleine Floyd (P)
26. Polar Star-Sally Grindley (P)
27. Bad Bears and a Bunny: An Irving and Muktuk Story-Daniel Manus Pinkwater (P)
28. Hush Little Polar Bear-Jeff Mack (P)
29. Gorilla! Gorilla!-Jeanne Willis (P)
30. Why Don’t Gorillas Lay Eggs?-Katherine Smith (Jewiitt) (P)(CNF)
31. Voices in the Park-Anthony Browne (P)
32. Silly Billy-Anthony Browne (P)
33. Louise, The Adventures of a Chicken-Kate DiCamillo (P)
34. Just the Thing!-Damian Harvey (P)
35. Countdown to Kindergarten-Alison McGhee (P)
36. Only a Witch Can Fly-Alison McGhee (P)
37. Mrs. Watson Wants Your Teeth-Alison McGhee (P)
38. Song of Middle C-Alison McGhee (P)
39. Polar Bear, Polar Bear, What Do You Hear?-Bill Martin, Jr. (P)
40. Three Cool Kids-Rebecca Emberley (P)
41. Goldilocks Returns-Lisa Campbell Ernst (P)
42. Over in the Jungle-Marianne Berkes (P)
43. Busy Day, Busy Night-Sue Hendra (P)
44. If I Ran the Rainforest-Bonnie Worth (P)
45. Duke Ellington-Andrea Davis Pinkney (P)(B)
46. Dr. Seuss’s ABC-Dr. Seuss (P)
47. Daisy-Head Mayzie-Dr. Seuss (P)
48. If I Ran the Zoo-Dr. Seuss (P)
49. Gerald McBoing Boing-Dr. Seuss (P)
50. Fox in Socks-Dr. Seuss (P)
51. Make Way for Ducklings-Robert McCloskey (P)
52. Millions of Cats-Wanda Gag (P)
53. Miss Rumphius-Barbara Cooney (P)
54. Bread and Jam for Frances-Russell Hoban (P)
55. The Little House-Virginia Lee Burton (P)
56. Corduroy-Don Freeman (P)
57. The Tale of Peter Rabbit-Beatrix Potter (P)
58. Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day-Judith Viorst (P)
59. Sylvester and the Magic Pebble-William Steig (P)
60. Harry the Dirty Dog-Gene Zion (P)
61. The Napping House-Audrey Wood (P)
62. King Bidgood’s in the Bathtub-Audrey Wood (P)
63. Mike Mulligan and His Steam Shovel-Virginia Lee Burton (P)
64. Jumanji-Chris Van Allsburg (P)
65. The Three Pigs-David Weisner (P)
66. Frederick-Leo Lionni (P)
67. Swimmy-Leo Lionni (P)
68. Little Blue and Little Yellow-Leo Lionni (P)
69. The Story About Ping-Marjorie Flack (P)
70. Traction Man Is Here!-Mini Grey (P)
71. Horton Hatches the Egg-Dr. Seuss (P)
72. The Lorax-Dr. Seuss (P)
73. Where is the Green Sheep?-Mem Fox (P)
74. “More, More, More” Said the Baby-Vera B. Williams (P)
75. How Do Dinosaurs Say Goodnight?-Jane Yolen (P)
76. T Is for Terrible-Peter McCarty (P)
77. Beach Day!-Patricia Lakin (P)
78. The Daddy Mountain-Jules Feiffer (P)
79. I Can Be Anything-Jerry Spinelli (P)
80. Owl Moon-Jane Yolen (P)
81. Officer Buckle and Gloria-Peggy Rathmann (P)
82. Diary of a Worm-Doreen Cronin (P)
83. Miss Brooks Loves Books-Barbara Bottner (P)
84. The First Rule of Little Brothers-Jill Davis (P)
85. A Book of Sleep-Il Sung Na (P)
86. Chicka Chicka Boom Boom-Bill Martin, Jr. (P)
87. Let’s Say Hi to Friends Who Fly!-Mo Willems (P)
88. Cat the Cat, Who Is That?-Mo Willems (P)
89. We Planted a Tree-Diane Muldrow (P)
90. Dinosaurs Love Underpants-Claire Freedman (P)
91. Over at the Castle-Boni Ashburn (P)
92. Samuel Todd’s Book of Great Inventions-E.L. Konigsburg (P)(CNF)
93. Little Miss Spider-David Kirk (P)
94. Bubba and Trixie-Lisa Campbell Ernst (P)
95. The Man Who Walked Between the Towers-Mordicai Gerstein (P)(CNF)(B)
96. Keep Climbing, Girls-Beah E. Richards (P)
97. A City Is-Norman Rosten (P)
98. Today at the Bluebird Cafe: A Branchful of Birds-Deborah Ridell (P)
99. Polo: The Runaway Book-Regis Faller (P)
100. Mother, Mother, I Feel Sick: Send for the Doctor Quick, Quick, Quick-Remy Charlip (P)
101. Visiting Day-Jacqueline Woodson (P)
102. Whales Passsing-Eve Bunting (P)
103. Chester’s Masterpiece-Melanie Watt (P)
104. Chalk-Bill Thomson (P)
105. Which Would You Rather Be?-William Steig (P)
106. Mathilda and the Orange Balloon-Randall De Seve (P)
107. Beach-Elisha Cooper (P)
108. Benjamin and Bumper to the Rescue-Molly Coxe (P)
109. Meeow and the Big Box-Sebastien Braun (P)
110. The Sandwich Swap-Rania Al-Abdullah (P)
111. One Pup’s Up-Marsha Wilson Chall (P)
112. Dotty-Erica S. Perl (P)
113. Frankenstein Takes the Cake-Adam Rex (P)
114. Shrek!-William Steig (P)
115. The Apple Pie That Papa Baked-Lauren Thompson (P)
116. Hank Finds Inspiration-Craig Frazier (P)
117. But I Wanted a Baby Brother!-Kate Feiffer and Diane Goode (P)
118. Milly and the Macy’s Parade-Shana Corey (P)
119. Follow the Line-Laura Ljungkvist (P)
120. Pepi Sings a New Song-Laura Ljungkvist (P)
121. City Dog, Country Frog-Mo Willems (P)
122. The Philharmonic Gets Dressed-Karla Kuskin (P)
123. Bruno Munari’s Zoo-Bruno Munari (P)
124. I Know a Lot of Things-Ann & Paul Rand (P)
125. The King Who Rained-Fred Gwynne (P)
126. Magnus Maximus, A Marvelous Measurer-Kathleen T. Pelley (P)
127. Forever Friends-Carin Berger (P)
128. Gary and Ray-Sarah Adams (P)
129. The Thingamabob-Il Sung Na (P)
130. Pop! The Invention of Bubble Gum-Megan McCarthy (P)(CNF)
131. Extraordinary Pets-Barroux (P)
132. The Pet Dragon-Christoph Niemann (P)
133. The Boys-Jeff Newman (P)
134. It’s a Book-Lane Smith (P)
135. The Story of Ferdinand-Munro Leaf (P)
136. Zen Ghosts-John J. Muth (P)
137. Shadow-Suzy Lee (P)
138. One Red Apple-Harriet Ziefert (P)
139. Skeleton Hiccups-Margery Cuyler (P)
140. Beautiful Yetta: The Yiddish Chicken-Daniel Pinkwater (P)
141. Farm-Elisha Cooper (P)(CNF)
142. The Halloween Kid-Rhode Montijo (P)
143. Chicken Dance-Tammi Sauer (P)
144. Goodnight Goon: A Petrifying Parody-Michael Rex (P)
145. We’re Going on a Ghost Hunt-Marcia K. Vaughan (P)
146. The Curious Demise of a Contrary Cat-Lynne Berry (P)
147. Room on the Broom-Julia Donaldson (P)
148. Knuffle Bunny Free-Mo Willems (P)
149. Children Make Terrible Pets-Peter Brown (P)
150. Chick ‘N Pug-Jennifer Sattler (P)
151. The Very Best Pumpkin-Mark Kimball Moulton (P)
152. Duck and Goose Find a Pumpkin-Tad Hills (P)
153. Two Little Boys from Toolittle Toys-Vincent X. Kirsch (P)
154. Zero-Kathryn Otoshi (P)
155. Interrupting Chicken-David Ezra Stein (P)
156. The Library Dragon-Carmen Agra Deedy (P)
157. Read It, Don’t Eat It!-Ian Schoenherr (P)
158. The Little Green Witch-Barbara Barbieri McGrath (P)
159. Oh, No! Not Ghosts!-Richard Michelson (P)
160. We’re Off to Find the Witch’s House-Richard Krieb (P)
161. Meaner Than the Meanest-Kevin Somers (P)
162. Apples, Apples-Salina Yoon (P)
163. Leaves, Leaves-Salina Yoon (P)
164. Bullies Never Win-Margery Cuyler (P)
165. Jungle Bullies-Steven Kroll (P)
166. Luke Goes to Bat-Rachel Isadora (P)
167. Farmer Duck-Martin Waddell (P)
168. Scaredy-Cat, Splat!-Rob Scotton (P)
169. Time to Sleep, Sheep the Sheep!-Mo Willems (P)
170. The Sleep Sheep-Anna McQuinn (P)
171. Hallowilloween-Calef Brown (P)
172. The Little Red Elf-Barbara Barbieri McGrath (P)
173. The Great Reindeer Rebellion-Lisa Trumbauer (P)
174. Where Teddy Bears Come From-Mark Burgess (P)
175. How Rocket Learned to Read-Tad Hill (P)
176. Jump!-Scott M. Fischer (P)
177. Seasons-Blexbolex (P)(CNF)
178. I Don’t Want a Posh Dog-Emma Dodd (P)
179. I Don’t Want a Cool Cat-Emma Dodd (P)
180. Hanukkah Lights-David Martin (P)(CNF)
181. My Garden-Kevin Henkes (P)
182. OK Go-Carin Berger (P)
183. Fancy Nancy’s Favorite Fancy Words-Jane O’Connor (P)(CNF)
184. Looking Like Me-Walter Dean Myers (P)
185. Basil’s Birds-Lynne Rowe Reed (P)
186. The Boss Baby-Marla Frazee (P)
187. Mirror-Suzy Lee (P)
188. The Fox and the Hen-Eric Battut (P)
189. What If?-Laura Vaccaro Seeger (P)
190. Spells-Emily Gravett (P)
191. Has Anyone Seen My Emily Greene?-Norma Fox Mazer (P)
192. Moon Bear-Brenda Z. Guiberson (P)(CNF)
193. Black Jack: The Ballad of Jack Johnson-Charles R. Smith, Jr. (P)(CNF)(B)
194. Mirror Mirror: A Book of Reversible Verse-Marilyn Singer (P)
195. Little Mouse Gets Ready-Jeff Smith (P)
196. Holly’s Red Boots-Francesca Chessa (P)
197. Perfect Puppy-Stephanie Calmenson (P)
198. Palindromania!-Jon Agee (P)
199. One Drowsy Dragon-Ethan Long (P)
200. Here Comes the Garbage Barge!-Jonah Winter (P)
201. The Ring Went Zing!-Sean Taylor (P)
202. Wanted: The Perfect Pet-Fiona Roberton (P)
203. Over the River: A Turkey’s Tale-Derek Anderson (P)
204. Alphabet Animals-Suse McDonald (P)
205. Stick-Steve Breen (P)
206. Guess Again!-Mac Barnett (P)
207. The Story of Snow-Mark Cassino (P)(CNF)
208. Emma’s Poem: The Voice of the Statue of Liberty-Linda Glaser (P)(CNF)
209. St. Patrick’s Day-Anne Rockwell (P)
210. Where do Polar Bears Live?-Sarah L. Thomson (P)(CNF)
211. Santa Claus the World’s Number One Toy Expert-Marla Frazee (P)
212. The Mitten-Jim Aylesworth (P)
213. Ira Sleeps Over-Bernard Waber (P)
214. Leaf Man-Lois Ehlert (P)
215. The 12 Days of Christmas-Rachel Isadora (P)
216. Who Wants to Be a Poodle I Don’t-Lauren Child (P)
217. Fancy Nancy’s Fabulous Fashion Boutique-Jane O’Connor (P)
218. Bad News for Outlaws-Vaunda Micheaux Nelson (P)(CNF)(B)
219. Lincoln Tells a Joke-Kathleen Krull (P)(CNF)(B)
220. Art & Max-David Weisner (P)
221. Just Like You-Emma Dodd (P)
222. Russell the Sheep-Rob Scotton (P)
223. Brontorina-James Howe (P)
224. Big Wolf and Little Wolf-Nadine Brun-Cosme (P)
225. Tell the Truth, BB Wolf-J. Seibold (P)
226. Oh No! Or How My Science Project Destroyed the World-Mac Barnett (P)
227. Goodnight Moon ABC-Margaret Wise Brown (P)
228. The Night Before Christmas (James Marshall version)-Clement C. Moore (P)
229. A New, Improved Santa-Patricia Rae Wolff (P)
230. Karate Hour-Carol Nevius (P)
231. It’s Hanukkah!-Jeanne Modesitt (P)
232. The Keeping Quilt-Patricia Polacco (P)(CNF)
233. Bless You, Santa!-Julie Sykes (P)
234. Clever Jack Takes the Cake-Candace Fleming (P)
235. Fleabag-Helen Stephens (P)
236. Little Black Crow-Chris Raschka (P)
237. Gracias/Thanks-Pat Mora (P)
238. Book Fiesta-Pat Mora (P)
239. Young Zeus-Brian G. Karas (P)(CNF)
240. Franklin’s Big Dreams-David Teague (P)
241. Samuel’s Baby-Mark Elkin (P)
242. Hey, Rabbit!-Sergio Ruzzier (P)
243. The Smallest Snowflake-Bernadette Watts (P)
244. Snow! Snow! Snow!-Harper Lee (P)
245. A Pig Parade Is a Terrible Idea-Michael Ian Black (P)
246. Little Christmas Elf-Eileen Curran (P)
247. “I’m Not Santa!”-Jonathan Allen (P)
248. Polo and the Dragon-Regis Faller (P)
249. Polo and the Magic Flute (P)
250. Lola at the Library-Anna McQuinn (P)
251. Lola Loves Stories-Anna McQuinn (P)
252. In the Wild-David Elliott (P)
253. My Abuelita-Tony Johnston (P)
254. Big Bad Wolf Is Good-Simon Puttock (P)
255. Smash! Crash!-Jon Scieszka (P)
256. For the Love of Soccer!-Pele (P)
257. Bark, George-Jules Feiffer (P)
258. The Three Bears Christmas-Kathy Duval (P)
259. Inside a Zoo in the City-Alyssa Satin Capucilli (P)
260. Mouse Count-Ellen Stoll Walsh (P)
261. Little Tree-E.E. Cummings & Chris Raschka (P)
262. The Fabulous Bouncing Chowder-Peter Brown (P)
263. Too Many Fairies: A Celtic Tale-Margaret Read MacDonald (P)
264. Nugget on the Flight Deck-Patricia Newman (P)(CNF)
265. Hetty’s 100 Hats-Janet Slingsby (P)
266. Ten Little Christmas Presents-Jean Marzollo (P)
267. Charlie and Lola: Say Cheese!-Lauren Child (P)
268. Alice the Fairy-David Shannon (P)
269. Little Ballet Star-Adele Geras (P)
270. Snowmen at Christmas-Caralyn Buehner (P)
271. Snowbear’s Christmas Countdown-Theresa Smythe (P)
272. Charlie and Lola: I Really, Really Need Actual Ice Skates-Lauren Child (P)
273. The Snow Day-Komako Sakai (P)
274. Peep!: A Little Book About Taking a Leap-Maria van Lieshout (P)
275. Stalling-Alan Katz (P)
276. Not All Princesses Dress in Pink-Jane Yolen (P)
277. Mr. Elephanter-Lark Pien (P)
278. Who Stole Mona Lisa?-Ruthie Knapp (P)(CNF)
279. Dinosaur Woods: Can Seven Critters Save Their Forest Home?-George McClements (P)
280. Thelonius Monster’s Sky-High Fly-Pie-Judy Sierra (P)
281. The Pirate of Kindergarten-George Ella Lyon (P)
282. Dog Loves Books-Louise Yates (P)
283. Benno and the Night of the Broken Glass-Meg Wiviott (P)
284. Too Busy Marco-Roz Chast (P)
285. Have You Ever Seen a Sneep?-Tasha Pym (P)
286. Superhero School-Aaron Reynolds (P)
287. Billy Twitters and His Blue Whale Problem-Mac Barnett (P)
288. Big Wolf and Little Wolf: The Little Leaf That Wouldn’t Fall-Nadine Brun-Cosme (P)
289. Duck and Goose: It’s Time for Christmas-Tad Hills (P)
290. Olivia Claus-Kama Einhorn (P)

Easy Readers/Chapter Books
1. Ling and Ting: Not Exactly the Same-Grace Lin (C)
2. We Are in a Book!-Mo Willems (C)
3. I Am Going!-Mo Willems (C)
4. Fancy Nancy Sees Stars-Jane O’Connor (C)
5. Max Spaniel: Dinosaur Hunt-David Catrow (C)
6. Max Spaniel: Funny Lunch-David Catrow (C)
7. Bink and Gollie-Kate DiCamillo and Alison McGhee (C)
8. Benny and Penny: The Big No-No-Geoffrey Hayes (C)
9. The Big Fat Cow That Goes Kapow-Andy Griffiths (C)
10. Can I Play Too?-Mo Willems (C)
11. All Alone-Kevin Henkes (C)
12. Snow-Roy McKie & PD Eastman (C)
13. Hooray for Fly Guy-Tedd Arnold (C)
14. Dog and Bear: Three to Get Ready-Laura Vaccaro Seeger (C)(P)

Children’s/YA Books
1. *The Bermudez Triangle-Maureen Johnson (N)
2. *The Wind in the Willows-Kenneth Grahame (CN)
3. The London Eye Mystery-Siobhan Dowd (CN)
4. Number the Stars-Lois Lowry (CN)
5. *Shiver-Maggie Stiefvater (N)
6. Love That Dog-Sharon Creech (CN)
7. Hate That Cat-Sharon Creech (CN)
8. *A Wrinkle in Time-Madeleine L’Engle (N)
9. *Bridge to Terabithia-Katherine Paterson (CN)
10. *Bud, Not Buddy-Christopher Paul Curtis (CN)
11. Mrs. Piggle Wiggle-Betty MacDonald (CN)
12. *Maniac Magee-Jerry Spinelli (CN)
13. Fantastic Mr. Fox-Roald Dahl (CN)
14. *The Ruby in the Smoke-Philip Pullman (N)
15. *Will Grayson, Will Grayson-John Green and David Levithan (N)
16. *Alice in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass-Lewis Carroll (CN)
17. *James and the Giant Peach-Roald Dahl (CN)
18. *Joey Pigza Swallowed the Key-Jack Gantos (CN)
19. *Tuck Everlasting-Natalie Babbitt (CN)
20. *The Red Pyramid-Rick Riordan (CN)
21. *The Mostly True Adventures of Homer P. Figg-Rodman Philbrick (CN)
22. *Hatchet-Gary Paulsen (CN)
23. *Peter and the Starcatchers-Dave Barry and Ridley Pearson (CN)
24. *From the Mixed-Up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler-E.L. Konigsburg (CN)
25. *Charlie and the Chocolate Factory-Roald Dahl (CN)

Grownup Books
1. *A Study in Scarlet-Arthur Conan Doyle (N)
2. *Atonement-Ian McEwan (N)
3. *The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo-Stieg Larsson (N)
4. *The Return of Sherlock Holmes-Arthur Conan Doyle (N)
5. *Lowboy-John Wray (N)
6. *The Girl Who Played With Fire-Stieg Larsson (N)
7. *The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet’s Nest-Stieg Larsson (N)
8. *Hellhound on His Trail: The Stalking of Martin Luther King, Jr. and the International Hunt for His Assassin-Hampton Sides (NF)
9. *A Secret Rage-Charlaine Harris (N)
10. *Mrs. Dalloway-Virginia Wolfe (N)
11. *The Strain-Guillermo del Toro and Chuck Hogan (N)
12. *The Fall-Guillermo del Toro and Chuck Hogan (N)
13. *In the Woods-Tana French (N)
14. *Storm Prey-John Sandford (N)
15. *Lady Susan-Jane Austen (N)