gertrudeisThis is another great picture book biography by Jonah Winter. Wow, what an original idea for a children’s book.

This is the story of Gertrude Stein, her life with Alice Toklas, and her life in general. But it’s just told in this lyrical, silly, charming way that emphasizes Alice’s importance without making a big deal about it. And it’s just wacky and delightful, with a repetitive style paying homage to Stein.

I thought it was interesting to see different book reviews forthis. SLJ thought it was 5th grade and up. Booklist thought it was grades 2-4. The audience for it’s quirky prose style is limited, definitely, and I’m sure some savvy kids will pick up on the subtle handling of Gertrude and Alice’s relationship. But I bought it for the library anyway, despite a limited audience for such stories in my particular population, and I’m thinking of using it for some sort of creative writing project with the kids this year. Not sure.