I started at my elementary school today, and it was great. I jumped into my busiest day, with 8 classes, but I think I did a pretty good job of improvising my way through it. Everyone was incredibly helpful, and I came home at 4pm and promptly fell asleep, but it was good.

The first thing I need to turn my attention to is a book order. A lot of the books I like to use and the go-to authors I like are underrepresented, so I want to get some of those in pretty soon.

The most interesting thing is that I will have four Audial Impaired (A.I.) classes. A pre-K class, a K/1 class, a 2/3 class, and a 4/5 class (which I saw today). They are self-contained, with translators and aides bringing them to the library. So I need to start researching lesson ideas for them to make sure they get the most out of the library. This is the first year they have been self-contained, and the teachers are really excited about it.