Another year finished. It’s been a draining week; we had a family crisis with one of my relatives this week, and it’s been emotional. But then suddenly today Hannah was finishing up her last year in the toddler room at her school. Next year she’ll be in the primary room (ages 3-6). Two full years with the best teacher, and she’s grown so much and changed so much.

I mean, look at her! This year even more than last year I feel such a huge difference from September to now. In her speech, in her movements, her independence and curiosity. Like, now I see it. She is not a toddler anymore, she is a preschooler. THIS IS A BIG DEAL.

I have another 2 weeks of school before I’m officially done, but I’m ready to get summer started. I need to spend more time with this lady, I miss having her around me every day.