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This week is Hannah’s spring break, and so far it’s been pretty up and down. On Monday we booked a trip for Hannah, Hamilton, and me to head to Mystic for the second half of the week. Spring break fun with me and the small ones! But then I woke up Tuesday with another sore throat, went to my doctor’s walk-in clinic, and confirmed that I had strep. Again. Second time in two weeks.

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This is my last post on our week at Disney, but I wanted to put the photos from the Halloween party separately. Because that’s where we got to sport our PJ Masks costumes, and it was also my favorite thing from the entire trip. I just loved being in Magic Kingdom when it was spooky (but not too spooky), and how cool is it to get to trick or treat around Disney World? It was pretty darn amazing, I thought. And so did Hannah, we didn’t get home from the party until just before midnight, she just kept going.

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Other posts on this trip: Disney Post the First, Harry Potter Day at Universal Plus All of the Food

Here’s another batch of photos from our trip last week. I only have one more post to put up with photos, and that’s for the Halloween party with our PJ Masks costumes! I didn’t take as many pictures on this trip because it was such a busy time, but we do have some great ones. Some of our Disney photographer shots are here, too.

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Disney! We arrived in Disney last Saturday and hit the ground running. Landed at the airport, checked into the hotel, went straight to Magic Kingdom to meet Mickey.


We didn’t last until the electric light parade, but it was a great afternoon and evening. Then we spent the next 2 days in Epcot.

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On our last full day in the UK, we headed to Chatsworth. I’ve been before, but it was on my very first trip to England back in 2004. It was a lot different than I remembered.

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After our 3 days in Maine, we spent an afternoon in Portsmouth, NH before heading to Cape Cod for 2 nights.

The main reason we stopped in Portsmouth was because they had a quilt shop. And Portsmouth Fabric Company is a great quilt shop. I scored some Denyse Schmidt, Birch Fabrics, and Cloud9, as well as a great home dec weight hedgehog print from Cosmo.

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Other posts on this trip: Connecticut.

Once we left Connecticut we headed back up to Portland. We just loved it so much when we were there in March, and we really wanted to go back to Duckfat.

We were there for 3 days, and we spent more time wandering around the city. East End Cupcakes was yummy.

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Vacation ideas I’m researching for 2009:
Colorado Rockies
Portland, OR
Caribbean cruise
Alaskan cruise
Driving holiday through France/Monaco/Spain
Various routes Michael Palin has traveled

Current Songs on Repeat:
“Hold On, I’m Coming”-Sam & Dave
“Viva La Vida”-Coldplay
“Live Your Life”-TI featuring Rihanna
“The Beginning Is the End Is the Beginning”-Smashing Pumpkins
“Deep Inside”-Future Funk Squad
“Signs”-Bloc Party
“Open Your Eyes”-Snow Patrol
“Cupid”-Sam Cooke

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All the teachers and kids made it through the last day of school before Christmas break. It was not easy; those kids were sugared up and climbing the walls. But now I have two weeks off to recuperate, finish my holiday elving, and start planning library excitement for January.

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I go back to work tomorrow after being off since the 16th. So today I’m enjoying the sunshine, tomorrow (or tonight maybe) I’ll be back with books and crafts galore!