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I haven’t made a single, solitary new recipe since school started, unless you count party food.  This is a new record for me, and even though I’ve been cooking a lot of old standbys, it’s also been two solid months of throwing together whatever random thing is in the fridge. Success varies.

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August 2015 outfit

Tomorrow is Hannah’s first day of school in her new primary class. Which basically means, it’s her first day of preschool. And Wednesday is my first day back at work, even though our students don’t start till next Tuesday. So, really today was it. The last day of summer vacation for Hannah and me.

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When in Maine, visit lighthouses. And walk on bluffs if you can. And play in a field. And lay in the grass. And enjoy where you are.

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More posts on this trip: Soul Food and Sea Life, Seashore Trolley Museum

This is an understatement. We did spend a day in Ogunquit during our trip, which basically involved having lunch at The Wild Blueberry and then walking the mile-long Marginal Way from Ogunquit to Perkins Grove. Then taking the trolley back. Hannah wasn’t up for beach shenanigans really at all on this trip, she was a little under the weather.

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Hannah’s been doing the camp program at her school, but it’s only Monday to Thursday mornings. So Fridays have been our field trip days. My mom was watching my niece Grace one Friday last month, and the four of us took a drive out to Grounds for Sculpture.

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This place is so odd. We went somewhere similar in Vegas over spring break, and Wild West City is a little cleaner and better taken care of. But, it’s one of those seemed-like-a-good-idea-on-paper kind of places. An old west town! For kids! With pony rides and a replica of Dodge City! And a little train! My cowgirl-, horse-, train-loving daughter would be in heaven.

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July 2015

It happens every year, without fail. In July and August, I basically wear two outfits and hardly take any pictures. It’s summer, it’s hot, school is out, and we’re busy just doing things. We’ve done tons in July.

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At some point during the winter, when we were busy with snow paint, someone on social media suggested I try homemade chalk paint in the summer. And I do not forget awesome suggestions like that, but I did forgot who told me. So last week, we made some liquid chalk paint.

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It’s hot. Not 100 degrees hot, but regular July-in-NJ hot. And despite living at the shore, we are not all-day, every-day beach people. There are only so many indoor, air-conditioned things you can do with a three-year-old during an extra hot week before everyone needs to feel the sun and get some vitamin D. This is where our backyard messy play has come in.

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A couple weeks ago, Adam and I took Hannah to Northlandz. This was a place I’d never heard of before and came across while researching summer fun. And I’m probably the last person to know about this place. It’s the world’s largest model railroad!

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