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Today was Balloon Day, and even though last year I vowed not to go back until Hannah was sturdy enough to do the whole thing without a stroller, and on mass transit, I did not stick to that plan. I love it too much.

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I made these disco pumpkins as a centerpiece for our dining room table to celebrate Thanksgiving. I bought that platter at Target when the fall stuff first came out, and I love it. And, I thought it needed something with gold sparkles to sit with it. I made this video so you can have disco pumpkins, too!

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easter 2016 1

We had super yummy brunch at my mom’s on Easter Sunday, and my mom hid mini eggs in her dollhouse. In the morning before we headed over there, we opened Hannah’s Easter basket and found all of the dyed egg the Easter Bunny hid in the backyard.

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easter egg hunt 2016 1

We went to Battleview Orchards today for their big Easter Egg Hunt, it was a blast! We’ve never been to this one before, and I think we’ll go back. There was plenty of space for all the kids, everyone got eggs, it was really well organized. H loved it.

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October 2015 Outfits-001

I’ve needed this week to kind of reboot a little and shift gears from fall/Halloween to HAPPY HOLIDAYS ALL THE THINGS TO DO!!!

But October was pretty great. Mild weather, a great party, a killer homemade Halloween costume for Hannah. I got TWO new chunky turtleneck sweaters, which means prepare to see those two sweaters in constant rotation until March. I do not play around when it comes to turtleneck season.

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I made patriotic desserts for a party at my brother and sister-in-law’s pool club. Blueberry pie (which was honestly terrible) and sour cherry pie (which was glorious).

Hannah chased her cousins around our house at a cookout on the 2nd.

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Mother's Day 2015

I like Mother’s Day. I’m still pretty new at it; I’ve had a great one, a not-so-great-one (poor destination choice), and an out-of-the-country one. So I’m still figuring out what to actually¬†do¬†on Mother’s Day to celebrate, and this year I feel like I’ve gotten the closest to what I want out of the day. First, here’s how I got to this realization.

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Christmas 2014

‘Tis the season! And it’s been a great one, but I could sleep for days. I made a huge Christmas Eve dinner, Christmas dinner, and some stuff for Boxing Day brunch this morning. I’ve never used so much butter, cream, and flour in all my days.

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wrapping paper 2014

The tiny boss lady picked all the paper this year. She is very decisive, and her aesthetics align right with her mom’s.

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Thanksgiving 2014

I never remember to take photos at Thanksgiving, I don’t know why. This photo above was the only one I have of the food. We made classic turkey, mashed potatoes, and stuffing. I roasted brussels sprouts. My mom brought sweet potatoes and rolls, my brother and his family brought pies and his macaroni and cheese with wheat pasta. My aunt brought the yummiest bean dip and green bean casserole. It was a group effort this year, and I really loved that.

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