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stof dots dress

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I finished her dress! I used McCall’s M6541 pattern, but I just made the basic little pinafore dress with it. No applique or Ric Rac. This is the same pattern my mom used for a blue version of this dress last summer, and Hannah is taller than the biggest dress size for the pattern now.

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hannah's 3rd birthday party 1

Yesterday we had Hannah’s third birthday party at Sugarush in Red Bank. This is our favorite cupcake bakery, and I love that they’ve opened a party room for events. Read more on Cupcake Party!…

scavenger hunting 1

I’ve been on a mission to plan more activities with Hannah, and we are having a ball. I made up a kind of lesson plan book for her specifically, because this is just how my brain works best. So, I’ve been loosely planning out our days in it. Not down to the second, but I’ve been planning library days, baking days, etc.

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Hannah's 3rd Birthday

So, our “baby” is three. I don’t know how that happened, but it has been much stranger for me to see her turn 3 than it was for 2 or even 1. Three is such a big deal. She’s officially outgrown baby toys and now qualifies for anything that’s “Age 3+” (even though she’s already been playing with some older things for a while). She’s moving from a toddler to a preschooler.

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stof dot dress

Stof is a Danish fabric company completely unfamiliar to me until last week. Hannah and I went out to Pennington Quilt Works to spend my birthday coupon, and there were these magnificent dots. Stof’s Twist Style. The shop had more than one colorway, but this is the one Hannah and I both loved (she tried to run off with the bolt). So I bought a yard.

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mini nutella muffins 10

So about a month or so ago, we discovered that Hannah will eat anything if it’s in a mini muffin. My extremely fickle toddler is obsessed with minis (regular size just doesn’t quite cut it), and we’ve been using this discovery to get more fruits and veggies in her belly. Her feeding therapist fully supports these sneaky strategies, and so far it’s working.

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2015 caldecotts

The ALA Youth Media Awards were held on Monday at the ALA Midwinter Conference (very exciting library stuff), and the 2015 Caldecotts and Newberys are the biggest announcements. I did a roundup of the winners for GeekMom this week, but here at home we’re focused on the Caldecotts.

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1st snow 2015

Yesterday we finally woke up to some snow, and now we’re waiting for Winter Storm Juno to pummel the Northeast tomorrow afternoon. My school district has already called an early dismissal for 1pm tomorrow, it’s going to be bad. But yesterday, with the 2 or so inches we got here by the shore, Hannah and I went out for a bit to stomp around in it.

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no shush 1

What a fabulous (and noisy) program. We all went to the inaugural show yesterday in Red Bank. The NJ Symphony Orchestra did a matinee performance for kids before their grownup show last night. This is the first event at Count Basie, but I think I’ve seen this elsewhere around the state. Maybe NJPAC?

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Met Museum 2014

I am always so late posting these trips to the Metropolitan Museum of Art. I am down to the wire posting this in 2014, but better late than never!

Meredith took us on another empty museum tour back in August when my father- and stepmother-in-law were visiting. The Met is open on Mondays now, so we don’t get as much time to wander as we used to. But, Mere met us super early on a weekday morning, before the museum’s opening, so we could at least let Hannah run around without crowds for an hour or so.

These are my favorite photos yet.

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