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The pizza class I took last summer is finally paying off! I got a bunch of great pizza supplies for Christmas, and Adam and I are putting them to good use. My dough is so much better (I used to just buy it from Whole Foods), I love the sauce. The key is setting the oven as high as it will go and putting the pizza stone (in our case a pizza steel) in the oven for an hour to heat up. Then we cook the pizzas right on the steel.

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Christmas 2015 3

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February 2015

I loved last weekend. I only left the house to go get some lunch with Adam and Hannah on Saturday. The rest of the weekend was spent inside being a glorious homebody.

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I go a little overboard sometimes with the adventures. I love trying new things, and since Hannah’s arrival that desire has kicked into overdrive. Which is how the two of us ended up raspberry picking a week ago.

The Berry Farm in Colts Neck (right behind Delicious Orchards) has black raspberries in season now. Last Wednesday we had a late start because we finally got an attic fan installed! It’s made a huge difference to the upstairs air conditioning, I highly recommend it. Anyway, the farm isn’t open every day. It closes for a couple of days at a time to allow the berries to ripen, and you really have to get there first thing in the morning on picking day to get anything. But, of course, I didn’t know this so Hannah and I rolled up around 3pm bright-eyed and ready for adventure. The owner looked like he just wanted to pat me on the head, and then he handed me a tiny Chinese takeout container and told me to go pick $4 worth of raspberries to make something for dessert tonight.

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On Saturday Adam and I went to Philly for a little anniversary celebrating. We had dinner at home on Thursday night, so Saturday was our first chance at a day out. We went to IKEA and got 2 of these loungers, which I love. The boxes were huge, and Adam had to ride home in the seat behind mine. We had cheesesteaks. And I went to Spool to meet Eleanor Grosch. Adam met her, too.

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We got a firepit and spent Sunday night sitting on the patio making s’mores. I love this firepit.

And s’mores. I also love s’mores.

Oh. My. Heavens. I heard about Spellbound Girl’s Taste! truffles on the Elvis Duran Show at the end of April, and I ordered some that day. Red Velvet, Cookie Dough, and Dark Chocolate. I’d actually completely forgotten about them, they take 2-3 weeks to shop. And then when I got home today they were waiting to surprise me. And I am in truffle decadence heaven. Seriously, Adam better get home soon or there won’t be any left to share. Go get you some, right now.

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I had the best time running around Lancaster County last week with my in-laws. I think I had more fun in Amish country than anyone else, it was Orange Room heaven. You wouldn’t believe the fabric prices out there! And all the homemade jams and other goodies. Plus hand-dyed yarn from local sheep? How have I not been back out there since I was a kid??

I was so excited by the craftiness that I couldn’t even take a focused picture in Lancaster Yarn Shop or The Old Country Store.

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I don’t know why, but when I realized what today’s date was I had to get out of the house. I didn’t realize it was October 10, 2010 until nearly 4pm, but then I had this need to go pumpkin picking. It’s entirely possible that the remaining fuzziness from this week’s cold led to this decision an hour or 2 before farms were closing for the day, but nonetheless. And Adam, patient man that he is, humored me. So we went to Dearborn Market, one of my favorite local spots, and pumpkins were got. So were lots of other goodies. Now I feel like it’s October.

The mums and greenery were just awesome.

So was this grilled brat that Adam devoured. With some help from his darling wife.

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So the 4th has come and gone. Here’s what we did:

Adam grilled in this festive hat I bought for him.

Maggie enjoyed his grilling skillz.

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