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I spent New Year’s Week completely redoing my studio. I threw out bags and bags of stuff, handily carried downstairs by Adam and my visiting brother-in-law Thomas. I moved furniture. I made several trips to Michaels to take advantage of their 50% off sale on craft storage. I’m really not kidding, this was my cart on one trip:

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This is the year I’m doing it, I’m making a twin-size Christmas quilt for the living room. It’s always been on my list, I’ve never actually done it.

I fired up Love Actually on my laptop and combed through all the holiday prints I’ve been hoarding for years now.

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It’s time to move Hannah out of her toddler bed and into a twin. She’d been boycotting the toddler bed, which was her converted crib, since the beginning of the school year. She absolutely refused to sleep in it, she’d camp out on the floor. And when fall started to kick into gear, Adam and I realized we needed to get her a new bed before it got way too chilly for her to be on the floor.

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Porchiness is not a word, but let’s just pretend. Here’s my fall porchscape (pretty sure this is also not a word, but see if I care). Some of these mums and pumpkins have fallen on hard times since I took these photos a few weeks ago, but it is still so seasonal out there.

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fall porch 2014

Love our front porch this year. I skipped the bats and ghosts and bunting this time. We loaded up on mums and pumpkins and just decorated the front steps.

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Library Before After 1

I’ve seen every class twice now at my new school. It’s been hectic, to say the least. I really have to adjust to the idea that I’m part time, and that means the library will get organized and set up on a part time schedule. It is going to take a while, no doubt. But I started checking books out last week, and now I can really start seeing the gaps in the collection that I need to fill in. This coming week is book fair, which is always one of my most stressful weeks of the school year. But once book fair passes I can hunker down and work on organizing and labeling.

But, I have been decorating.

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You guys, we just had the best weekend! Hannah turned two on Saturday, and we had her birthday party at Coco Beans Play Cafe, a local indoor play space that we just love. We did a “Tea for Two” theme since it was her second birthday, so it was all finger foods and tea-inspired goodies.

I could not be more over the moon with how her party went, and with how much fun she had.

Adam took all of the party photos, so I don’t have those to post yet. But in the meantime, here is some of the prep that went into the party (we did all the food prep ourselves). I’ll post some of these recipes this week.

I made more of these sensational whoopie pies.

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halloween13_1 I decided not to decorate inside this year because a certain 2.5′ tall gremlin is into everything. I can only imagine what horrors would await my stair mice or Halloween garlands and piggy banks. But, the outside of the house is ready.

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This is one of those projects that’s been on my To Do list forever! Our door was so dirty and boring, it really needed a makeover. So this week, I gave it one.

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So my studio has been a disaster since what feels like the dawn of time. Some of this is because I’m kind of a craft hoarder. Some of it is because I have an active crawler who lives for destruction.

But whatever the reason, something had to be done. Things needed to be streamlined, and stuff needed to be moved higher. We’d pretty much baby-proofed the rest of the house, but I’d had this delusional hope that since Hannah hadn’t noticed all the good stuff on my studio shelves yet she never would.

This is obviously not how the universe works.

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