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I’ve been picking up a few things ahead of my birthday next week that just make me smile. This octopus gives me the happies, I picked him up at Target last week. He’s sitting in my studio looking down at me with his piratey, cephalopod ways.

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Noodle_16ScienceLovers_final_MidRes (2)

I started contributing to Noodle a few months ago, and it’s been a wonderful experience. This is a list of books recommendations I put together for them not long ago. There are great reads on this list, and I love the infographic Noodle put together.

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Read Across America 2015 1

Two weeks late, but I did make a very fun door dec for the library door this year. Everyone decorated their doors with a favorite picture book, and I have to say–I really dug doing something other than Dr. Seuss this year. I love the Seuss, but change is nice.

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ezra jack keats collages

I did this unit with pre-k for half of February, reading The Snowy Day, Pet Show!, Gogglesand Peter’s ChairOur copy of A Letter for Amy was missing, or I’d have added that one, too.

After we read Goggles, we made…goggles. I didn’t have enough cardstock, so we used regular paper. Next year, cardstock.

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2015 caldecotts

The ALA Youth Media Awards were held on Monday at the ALA Midwinter Conference (very exciting library stuff), and the 2015 Caldecotts and Newberys are the biggest announcements. I did a roundup of the winners for GeekMom this week, but here at home we’re focused on the Caldecotts.

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OY Resolutions 1

I’m reading The Strange Case of Origami Yoda with the 5th graders, and before the holiday break we learned how to make origami Yodas. I asked the students to write a New Year message in Yoda speak on their puppets so I could hang them up for January.

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Winter Books Pre-K K 2015

I haven’t posted about school in forever. Well, it’s winter, so…we’re reading winter books in pre-k and kindergarten! It snowed this weekend, which makes this even more appropriate to post about. We are well into our novels in grades 1-6, we’ve been reading them since November. And I did a lot of various holiday stories with the little ones in the fall. Now it’s January, so we’re enjoying some snowy stories.

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I read spooky and silly and atmospheric stories to everyone in the building this week and last week. October is one of my favorite times for read alouds, and having fifth and sixth grade is extra fun because I can read a few extra creepy things to them.

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Nonfiction so far

In the month since I’ve seen students for the first time, things have been super busy at work. I’m up to the 970s with weeding the nonfiction section. You can see above what I have left to do (left side) and what I’ve already done (right side). I still have to decide on shelf labels, but I will definitely hit my first big goal of weeding and shifting the nonfiction section by Halloween.

I’ve weeded a lot of books. And the vast majority of them were barcoded but never imported into our current library catalog. Not an exaggeration; on a cart of 200+ books I weeded this week, 10 were actually in the library catalog. I’m a little terrified of what’s left that’s uncatalogued. It looks like books were weeded but put back on the shelves. So that’s what’s currently giving me fever dreams. But things are definitely improving!

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Oh, books. I love you, I love reading you, but I haven’t been writing about you for almost a year (except occasionally over at GeekMom). I still keep track of what we’re reading…for the most part. The list can be a little patchy, but it’s there. So I’ve decided it’s time to jump back into some book talking here in this space, and I figured I’d start with some of the things Hannah and I are reading together.

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