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This is my last post on our week at Disney, but I wanted to put the photos from the Halloween party separately. Because that’s where we got to sport our PJ Masks costumes, and it was also my favorite thing from the entire trip. I just loved being in Magic Kingdom when it was spooky (but not too spooky), and how cool is it to get to trick or treat around Disney World? It was pretty darn amazing, I thought. And so did Hannah, we didn’t get home from the party until just before midnight, she just kept going.

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Other posts on this trip: Disney Post the First, Harry Potter Day at Universal Plus All of the Food

Here’s another batch of photos from our trip last week. I only have one more post to put up with photos, and that’s for the Halloween party with our PJ Masks costumes! I didn’t take as many pictures on this trip because it was such a busy time, but we do have some great ones. Some of our Disney photographer shots are here, too.

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I was at Universal a few years ago, when the Harry Potter section was new, but I’d just found out that I was pregnant and couldn’t ride anything. My brother-in-law Thomas and I took a break from Disney and went over to Universal last week. I Harry Potter’d! I did so much Harry Pottering!

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Disney! We arrived in Disney last Saturday and hit the ground running. Landed at the airport, checked into the hotel, went straight to Magic Kingdom to meet Mickey.


We didn’t last until the electric light parade, but it was a great afternoon and evening. Then we spent the next 2 days in Epcot.

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It’s the last day of August, and it feels like a good time to check in with all the remaining summer fun we’ve had that I never posted. I did post some things a few weeks ago, but this is it. All the rest. It was a great summer! But, we are ready for one last vacation and then back to school. It’s time. She will have had 3 months of summer, with no camps or big summer programs (one day a week at a play gym), and this child NEEDS to go back to school. She loves it, she misses it, she’s ready.

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My grad school friend Tara was in town from Austin a few weeks ago, and we met up at the Met to chase Hannah around and talk. It was wonderful. She moved away about 5 years ago, and I haven’t seen her since!

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A couple of weeks ago Hannah and I drove out to Trenton after her Tuesday therapies to check out the New Jersey State Museum, which is FREE. I have a Groupon for the planetarium, but we got there around 2pm and all the shows were done for the day. Another trip, we will be back!

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Cherry picking is still H’s favorite of all the fruit pickings. She just absolutely loves cherry trees. This year’s sour cherry season was insanely short, less than a week. Battleview Orchards opened on a Monday, we were there on Wednesday, and by Friday they were picked clean. 


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We had a quiet week around town this week, but last week we headed out to Coney Island with my mom. We have a WCS membership, so we went to the NY Aquarium, which is still being rebuilt after Sandy.

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This is the summer of adventures. The past two years, Hannah attended her school’s toddler summer program every day. But she’s not in the toddler program anymore, and no more summer program. She’s not quite ready for camp, so it is Hannah and me together all day, every day.

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