Meet Supergirl. I picked up this Simplicity pattern last month, thinking I’d make it at some point for her dress up box. At the time, she’d told me she wanted to be a horse for Halloween. Then she saw the pattern.

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Halloween prep has taken up a huge, wonderful chunk of this month. It’s been a month of deadlines for some great projects, but it’s also been making Hannah’s costume and getting stuff together for this party. It was the most Pinteresty party that ever Pinterested.

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It took me a while, but I finally got all of the prizes out the door from the summer reading club for grownups. I didn’t even take any photos; one of the winners sent this one to me after she received her prize (thanks, JJ!).

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tula pink elizabeth

At the end of July, a friend of mine from graduate school was rushed to the hospital. It was very sudden. A few days later she passed away…she was younger than I am.

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Noodle_16ScienceLovers_final_MidRes (2)

I started contributing to Noodle a few months ago, and it’s been a wonderful experience. This is a list of books recommendations I put together for them not long ago. There are great reads on this list, and I love the infographic Noodle put together.

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September 2015

I always love these September photos. You can see the transition as I go from looking like a complete summer schlub to an actual functioning member of society. My hair comes out of a ponytail! It’s a miracle!

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Adam’s birthday was on Sunday, and we had a great weekend. We snuck out on Saturday for a date night to see Everest. Then we spent Sunday having fun with Hannah.

The photo of him above because is my new favorite photo of him and Hannah. Hannah insisted on the party hat. His parents gave him an Apple Watch, but Hannah didn’t want to fork over the wrapped treat. And their faces…that’s my entire heart right there with those two.

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I’ve started sticking Ina’s name in front of any of her recipes I try. It lends a certain gravitas, like you know I’m not playing around when an Ina recipe shows up. Also, let’s just establish that casseroles do not photograph well. In my house. With any of my cameras. With me taking the photographs. 

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therapy baskets

So Hannah graduated from feeding therapy back in the spring, and then we switched OTs from the same clinic a month or so later when we found another awesome speech and OT clinic. In the craziness of spring, end of school year, preschool prep…I never gave her old therapists gifts.

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peach bourbon jam

We did a ton of peach picking in the last weeks of summer, so I made a big batch of peach bbq sauce and this jam.

Hot damn.

It was kind of an afterthought; peaches are one of H’s favorites to pick, but not the fruit I get most excited about. Every time we pick them I end up with a fridge full of peaches and all kinds of recipes that just don’t excite me. And it takes forever to blanch them and peel them.

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