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hannah hospital

So here’s the thing about November and December: they were kind of the worst.

Hannah spent 2 nights in the hospital the week before Christmas having some tests done. Everything came out clear, but we were still camped out in a hospital room with our little girl. And we may have more tests ahead of us. Nothing life threatening, but still awful. That photo above was when we first checked in, before she was all hooked up to wires.

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With a new library! This photo above is what it looked like when I started last September. So since I’ll just be in workshops all morning and then unpacking books all afternoon, I’ll post before and after photos of the new space.

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Last Day of School 2015.

June has been a roller coaster, for so many reasons. But today I’ll just talk a little about work. Today was my last day of school, and I packed up the last box in the library. It’s being renovated over the summer, and I’ve spent the entire month of June packing and prepping.

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Read Across America 2015 1

Two weeks late, but I did make a very fun door dec for the library door this year. Everyone decorated their doors with a favorite picture book, and I have to say–I really dug doing something other than Dr. Seuss this year. I love the Seuss, but change is nice.

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ezra jack keats collages

I did this unit with pre-k for half of February, reading The Snowy Day, Pet Show!, Gogglesand Peter’s ChairOur copy of A Letter for Amy was missing, or I’d have added that one, too.

After we read Goggles, we made…goggles. I didn’t have enough cardstock, so we used regular paper. Next year, cardstock.

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Pete the Cat

I spent the end of January and half of February reading James Dean and Eric Litwin’s Pete the Cat books, singing Pete the Cat songs, and making Pete the Cat pictures with the kindergarteners. I love the Pete the Cat!!!

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OY Resolutions 1

I’m reading The Strange Case of Origami Yoda with the 5th graders, and before the holiday break we learned how to make origami Yodas. I asked the students to write a New Year message in Yoda speak on their puppets so I could hang them up for January.

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Winter Books Pre-K K 2015

I haven’t posted about school in forever. Well, it’s winter, so…we’re reading winter books in pre-k and kindergarten! It snowed this weekend, which makes this even more appropriate to post about. We are well into our novels in grades 1-6, we’ve been reading them since November. And I did a lot of various holiday stories with the little ones in the fall. Now it’s January, so we’re enjoying some snowy stories.

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fall collage with pre-k

Last month I read a ton of fall books with the two pre-k classes. After we finished our stories we made these fall collages one week.

I found this tree coloring page online and tweaked the size to make it just right. Then I put piles of cut-up construction paper at the tables and let the kids go to town with crayons, glue sticks, and the paper.

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I read spooky and silly and atmospheric stories to everyone in the building this week and last week. October is one of my favorite times for read alouds, and having fifth and sixth grade is extra fun because I can read a few extra creepy things to them.

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