ezra jack keats collages

I did this unit with pre-k for half of February, reading The Snowy Day, Pet Show!, Gogglesand Peter’s ChairOur copy of A Letter for Amy was missing, or I’d have added that one, too.

After we read Goggles, we made…goggles. I didn’t have enough cardstock, so we used regular paper. Next year, cardstock.

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pizza sauce

Last summer when we did a Scott’s Pizza Tour (seriously, cannot recommend these enough!), I learned 2 great tricks for making pizza sauce that I’ve been using ever since. I can testify that my pizza sauce game is seriously on point now.

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Pete the Cat

I spent the end of January and half of February reading James Dean and Eric Litwin’s Pete the Cat books, singing Pete the Cat songs, and making Pete the Cat pictures with the kindergarteners. I love the Pete the Cat!!!

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February 2015

I loved last weekend. I only left the house to go get some lunch with Adam and Hannah on Saturday. The rest of the weekend was spent inside being a glorious homebody.

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stof dot dress

Stof is a Danish fabric company completely unfamiliar to me until last week. Hannah and I went out to Pennington Quilt Works to spend my birthday coupon, and there were these magnificent dots. Stof’s Twist Style. The shop had more than one colorway, but this is the one Hannah and I both loved (she tried to run off with the bolt). So I bought a yard.

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maggie's quilt 2

Other posts on this project: Maggie’s Wedding Quilt Pt. 1.

You know the rule that you have a year to buy a newlywed couple a wedding gift? Well…I have failed that timeline spectacularly. Maggie and Dave got married in October 2013, and I’m still working on their quilt. I’ve had to put it aside for months now because of deadlines, going back to teaching, and toddler duties. But, it is my top crafty priority at the moment.

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mini nutella muffins 10

So about a month or so ago, we discovered that Hannah will eat anything if it’s in a mini muffin. My extremely fickle toddler is obsessed with minis (regular size just doesn’t quite cut it), and we’ve been using this discovery to get more fruits and veggies in her belly. Her feeding therapist fully supports these sneaky strategies, and so far it’s working.

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This should really be titled what I’m reading at home this week. And actually, it was last week. Anyway, Hannah hasn’t been in much of a mood to try new books, although she is still reaching for some of the Caldecotts we just bought. These are three I’d checked out of the library for her, but I really enjoyed them myself. Two of them were on a lot of Mock Caldecott lists as contenders this year.

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beef and potato stew

So in 2014 I used my slow cooker a lot. Actually, this is a recipe that I made before Christmas in 2o13. I am this behind posting recipes, what can I say.

I’ve learned a lot since Christmas 2013. I’ve learned never to freeze anything with potatoes. This is probably obvious to many, but I didn’t really learn my lesson immediately. I’d never tried it before. I made this stew in a huge quantity, and I can tell you that it was a terrible idea. This is really good, but it is considerably less good after the potatoes have hung out in your freezer for a bit. Make it and eat it sooner rather than later. Don’t freeze it. Don’t make my same mistakes.  Read more on Slow-Cooker Beef and Potato Stew…


This is my latest project that I can’t talk about yet, and by latest I mean I have been working on this one since last summer. One of the members of the NYC Metro Mod Quilt Guild, Rachael Dorr, did this amazing quilting for me. So I can’t show any of the actual patchwork right now, but I can continue to obsess over her amazing and gorgeous quilting.

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