pot roast

I made this pot roast back when the weather was cold and we needed a hearty meal. And, I had no time to be in the kitchen. The original recipe is the Melt-in-Your-Mouth Pot Roast from Taste of Home, but I ended up substituting dried rosemary and thyme for fresh, and garlic for garlic salt. I also used whole grain mustard because I just love that stuff. And I love any meal that I can throw in a big pot and ignore for a few hours.

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star wars day 2016 3

Happy Star Wars Day! We celebrated by going into downtown Red Bank and picking up a box full of Star Wars cake pops from Lil’ Cutie Pops. We love that shop, they make the most adorable goodies.

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Manic Monday backing

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I used every last scrap of fabric I had left in the prints from this quilt top to piece together this backing. And then some. It is going to be a rather sizable addition to our living room. This was completely improvised, and I like how it came out. Not too bad at all.

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April 2016 Outfits

Still here, and still on crutches. I took very few photos this month because I’ve been living in yoga pants and sitting down a lot. April was a ride, I am very much hoping to be off these crutches next week and getting back to normal life. My family has been amazingly helpful, but I miss every day things.

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marimekko target 1

Target launched a new designer line of goodies back on April 17th, this time with Marimekko. Which is my favorite fabric designer. As much as I love Liberty, Marimekki’s big bold prints own my heart.

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Manic Monday top 1

Other posts on this project: New Quilt. 

I started this as a secret project back in February, but it’s going to be a tutorial here on my site once I’m finished with it. This whole quilt top came together really quickly, with simple squares in 3 sizes: 3.5″, 6.5″, and 12.5″.

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This was a spontaneous dessert on a cold winter day that I threw together one afternoon, and it was luscious and yummy for dessert that night. Next time I would add a couple more apples and cut back on the sugar. It was really, really sweet. Maybe 6 apples, 3/4 brown sugar, and 1/4 granulated for the apples? The crumble was good, but by the time all that sugar cooked down it was overwhelming. But the concept was fabulous, I’d definitely make this again.

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This past Friday I had the first of my two knee surgeries, starting with my right knee. I tried roller derby a few years ago, in summer of 2013. I watched for a couple of practices and then tied on some borrowed skates and gave it a try. Gravity was not my friend, and all I did was fall down for about half a practice, banging my knees hard every time. I am not a good faller, there was no landing on my butt as directed. I am not coordinated enough to aim my falls.

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squid embroidery 1

A while back I found the amazing Urban Threads on Instagram. They make super cool, irreverant, tattoo-style hand and machine embroidery designs. My in-laws gave me a great little Brother combo machine for Christmas a couple of years ago, and I’ve been learning how to embroider with it.

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spring break 2016 1

Hannah and I hit the road this week for three nights in Lancaster county. We did this two years ago, and then again that same summer with my mom, and it was great. Last year we were in Las Vegas for spring break, but this year we didn’t have any plans. And H is a little older, we don’t need the stroller. She was much more into it this trip. We did a lot of fabric shopping for Mommy, but we also saw tons of trains and animals for her.

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