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I still need to write up a tutorial for this at some point, I now have 2 tutorials (maybe 3?) that I need to write up soon. But this quilt is finished, washed, photographed, and moved into its new home on our couch. I love it! This is such a different color scheme for me to work in, and I really, really like it.

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A couple of weeks ago Hannah and I drove out to Trenton after her Tuesday therapies to check out the New Jersey State Museum, which is FREE. I have a Groupon for the planetarium, but we got there around 2pm and all the shows were done for the day. Another trip, we will be back!

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I’ve made a few recipes from Geoffrey Zakarian’s My Perfect Pantry, and it’s a great book. I made this one quite a while ago and never posted it, but it was crispy and delicious and straightforward to master with this recipe. And I haven’t had breakfast yet, so now I’m really hungry. Zakarian says in his book that he makes this almost every day for lunch in his restaurant.

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Other posts on this quilt: Manic Monday Quilt Top, Manic Monday Backing

I’ve gone back to this quilt after putting it aside for other projects. I pinned it and am now quilting it.

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Cherry picking is still H’s favorite of all the fruit pickings. She just absolutely loves cherry trees. This year’s sour cherry season was insanely short, less than a week. Battleview Orchards opened on a Monday, we were there on Wednesday, and by Friday they were picked clean. 


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This week. This week has been an awful week in the news. It’s been difficult to pull away from the endless analyses, anger, video, heartbreak, and outrage. From every side. And it’s only been four days. I started to just feel depressed, and hopeless, and tired of arguing with people I like but disagree with intensely over huge issues of race and inequality. My stomach hurt, my head hurt, I couldn’t stop reading everything that popped up on my feed.

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I bought some Lumi Inkodye supplies so that we could experiment with making sun prints, they just got here the other day. Read more on Happy 4th of July!…


I bought a big tie dye kit on sale when I was stocking up on summer craft supplies, and then I pinned some great projects on Pinterest. And one of them was this I Love to Create Tropical Twist Teepee. I knew I could sew the tent and get H to help me dye it, and then she’d have something really cool for her backyard play. And we had so much fun! I love how this turned out.

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We had a quiet week around town this week, but last week we headed out to Coney Island with my mom. We have a WCS membership, so we went to the NY Aquarium, which is still being rebuilt after Sandy.

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June Outfits 2016

We’re having a pretty great month here. My knee has been so much better, school is out, I’ve been working on some new writing assignments, and I’ve lined up two quilts that will be published later this year and early next. We’ve been getting really crafty around here, and we’ve had adventures all over the place. It’s been amazing!

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