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May 2014 Outfits

I didn’t even get half the month of May in photos, but to be fair we were out of the country for part of that time. And I didn’t take any outfit photos while we were away. I get a pass on all the yoga pants and stretchy jeans I wore on vacation because CHEESE.

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2013 did not go as planned. At the beginning of the year I fully expected to still be a teacher at the end of it. That’s not how the year worked out, and I’ve spent the last six months trying to figure out this new identity. Stay at home mom? Work at home mom? Temporarily at home mom?

The truth is that I have no idea what 2014 will look like, at least not professionally. I’m pretty sure my home life will still be as warm and fulfilling, and my friends and family will still be amazing. I hope it will be full of creativity and new knowledge. I hope I try lots of things and don’t completely fail at them all.

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macbookI’ve been thinking about getting a laptop for months now, and I finally bought one a couple of weeks ago. Best Buy was having a pretty good sale, and between writing, chasing Hannah around, and some new courses I’m taking we kind of figured I needed to be a little more mobile. So, this was an investment in me. And my new endeavors.

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2013ballooninflationI’m thankful for my amazing husband and daughter, who love me enough to do things like come with me to the Macy’s parade balloon inflation yesterday. In the rain, then in the freezing rain, just to help honor my favorite tradition.

I’m thankful that even though I lost my job this year I seem to be finding my way.

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I took this picture at the playgound last Friday, the day Hannah hit the 20 month mark.

Fall has been crazy, in all kinds of good and tough ways. I won’t say bad ways, because I think in general we are pretty charmed and grateful for that. I feel like I have a lot of friends going through some really difficult stuff at the moment, and so I don’t feel like we’ve earned a “bad” description for life these days.

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I took a blogging break for the second half of August to go on vacation (more on that later), host in-laws, get Hannah ready for toddler school, deal with lots of paperwork, apply for stuff, try (and fail!) to organize the house. We got home Thursday night, and I still don’t have the wherewithal to go through trip photos, or recipe photos, or any kind of photos. But, it’s September 1st (well, for 5 more minutes, anyway). So I figured at the very least I should post a paragraph to burst that block that I often get when I’ve been away from blogging for a bit. After a while it’s hard to decide where to jump back in, so I like to go with short explanations.

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This week has been crazy and emotional, mainly because–after 43 years–my mom has moved out of the apartment where I grew up. She has left my hometown of Nutley, NJ to move closer to her grandbabies. My older brother’s family moved about 15 minutes north of us in May, and my mom is a bit north of them now. It’s a great new apartment; she has so much more room, and better amenities. She has never had a dishwasher until now, and she has a washer and dryer in her new apartment.

It’s a great change, but yesterday was moving day. And it was so tough. I’m still exhausted. Hannah and I drove up in the morning to say goodbye to the old place where I spent the first 18 of my 34 years. I took at least 100 pictures of the apartment and yard while it was emptied by the movers. Then we drove down and hung out with my mom while she was moved into her new place. I was really excited about the new place, but it’s been tough reflecting on such a huge change.

The view of the neighborhood outside the apartment. All of my first day of school photos were taken on those steps.

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My newest piece for GeekMom went up yesterday, it’s called “Why Hiring Jenny McCarthy for The View Is Irresponsible.” Check it out, I’m pretty proud of it.

Sometimes when Hannah is having a tough day, either because her teeth are bothering her, she’s decided to boycott naps, or it’s just really hard to be little, she can wear us out. Last week was that kind of a week. I finished with my job on Tuesday, so I’ve been a little drained and scattered emotionally anyway. Her canines have officially started coming in just a week or two after the pain subsided from her first molars (all her teeth come in 4’s). I know this because the doctor confirmed the news at her 15 month well visit last Wednesday. She had a fabulous checkup that day, he is impressed with her progress in physical therapy and feeding therapy (have I mentioned those? Another post), she got her chicken pox and MMR shots…and then threw up all over the shopping cart when we went to the grocery store right afterwards. I was fully briefed on potential rashes and pox breakouts a week after the shots, but I was not prepared for the potent mix of foreign stuff in her little body and the hysteria that the doctor’s office now brings out in her. She was happy at the store, and totally fine 5 seconds after it happened, but I had to struggle with a cart, baby, and grocery store floor just covered in barf. I would have had a nervous breakdown right then and there were it not for a truly decent female store employee who brought us a new cart, wet paper towels, and a trash bag for all the dirty clothes. She was my superhero of the day, and I told customer service so. And this was just on our first day back together full time.

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I’ve been busy since getting the news that my contract would not be renewed next year.

Obviously the left photo is before, even though I had long since retired wearing my hair down in favor of my classic, time-for-a-haircut, Det. Odafin Tutuola braid. I decided to chop my hair off, and it is shorter than it’s been in almost 20 years.

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