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I’ve had a tough time getting my head back in the game after the election last week. But I’m definitely getting there, and I’m tired of obsessing, tired of reading endless articles about how it all went wrong. I’m taking some concrete steps in my community, with my own economic power, with my time to do what I can at a local level to make life better. The results are the results, I’m not ready to overthrow the government. But I am ready to volunteer, to listen to people, to donate, to see how I can help with future political campaigns, to write, etc. But for now, here are some beautiful fall pictures while I get my head organized. The world itself is still damn gorgeous.

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This isn’t a terribly exciting post, except that I waited far too long to get a haircut. And now my head feels so much better! I actually thought it’d been a year and a half since my last haircut, but I was wrong. It was last June. Which is still more than a year, but not quite as bad as I thought.

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This week. This week has been an awful week in the news. It’s been difficult to pull away from the endless analyses, anger, video, heartbreak, and outrage. From every side. And it’s only been four days. I started to just feel depressed, and hopeless, and tired of arguing with people I like but disagree with intensely over huge issues of race and inequality. My stomach hurt, my head hurt, I couldn’t stop reading everything that popped up on my feed.

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May 2016 Outfits

I am really late with this one. This spring has been crazy with knee surgery, our UK trip, and Adam switching jobs. So much good stuff, lots of stress, mountains of laundry to do.

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hannah hospital

So here’s the thing about November and December: they were kind of the worst.

Hannah spent 2 nights in the hospital the week before Christmas having some tests done. Everything came out clear, but we were still camped out in a hospital room with our little girl. And we may have more tests ahead of us. Nothing life threatening, but still awful. That photo above was when we first checked in, before she was all hooked up to wires.

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Friendships in your 30s are so much different than friendships in your 20s, and thank goodness for that. I hope my 40s are even better.

Kathy and I met 13 years ago when were pretty fresh out of college, working a random office job we’d found ourselves in together. We weren’t happy about it. Our entire early friendship was based on being unhappy. We were snarky, wanting to get on with being who we were going to be. We were restless.

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October 2015 Outfits-001

I’ve needed this week to kind of reboot a little and shift gears from fall/Halloween to HAPPY HOLIDAYS ALL THE THINGS TO DO!!!

But October was pretty great. Mild weather, a great party, a killer homemade Halloween costume for Hannah. I got TWO new chunky turtleneck sweaters, which means prepare to see those two sweaters in constant rotation until March. I do not play around when it comes to turtleneck season.

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August 2015 outfit

Tomorrow is Hannah’s first day of school in her new primary class. Which basically means, it’s her first day of preschool. And Wednesday is my first day back at work, even though our students don’t start till next Tuesday. So, really today was it. The last day of summer vacation for Hannah and me.

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Maggie's Coasters: The Front

I almost never remember this anniversary, but yesterday it just hit me. Adam and I were both home sick with different bugs, and I was poking around in my calendar. And I realized that today is the 16th, and that’s my blog birthday.

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geeky sprinkles

Yes, I know it’s April. But it occurred to me that there were lots of fun things about last month that I didn’t want to write about as standalone posts. So, why not combine them? Especially since the grim weather is finally starting to disappear, and I can remember all the good times winter and I had without feeling stabby about the snow.

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