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July 2015

It happens every year, without fail. In July and August, I basically wear two outfits and hardly take any pictures. It’s summer, it’s hot, school is out, and we’re busy just doing things. We’ve done tons in July.

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I chopped off the back a few weeks ago and made it short for summer. I haven’t cut it this short for a couple of years, and I just felt like having a change. I love it!

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scavenger hunting 1

I’ve been on a mission to plan more activities with Hannah, and we are having a ball. I made up a kind of lesson plan book for her specifically, because this is just how my brain works best. So, I’ve been loosely planning out our days in it. Not down to the second, but I’ve been planning library days, baking days, etc.

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Last week was an absolute BEAR. I came home Monday from work and got sick, and I stayed sick through Friday night. In between bouts of thinking I was better before getting sick again, we had a blizzard. And Hannah and I played in the snow. AND, for the umpteenth time this winter, we snow painted. Which was so incredibly good for my soul.

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February 2015 Outfits

I’ve been so sick this week and out of commission since Monday afternoon. I felt somehow inundated and not-quite-myself at work on Monday, which was supposed to be the kickoff to Read Across America at school. We had a delayed opening because of snow and ice, and the day’s events were rescheduled…to Wednesday, when I was home sick with the stomach flu.

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February 2015

I loved last weekend. I only left the house to go get some lunch with Adam and Hannah on Saturday. The rest of the weekend was spent inside being a glorious homebody.

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1st snow 2015

Yesterday we finally woke up to some snow, and now we’re waiting for Winter Storm Juno to pummel the Northeast tomorrow afternoon. My school district has already called an early dismissal for 1pm tomorrow, it’s going to be bad. But yesterday, with the 2 or so inches we got here by the shore, Hannah and I went out for a bit to stomp around in it.

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fall porch 2014

Love our front porch this year. I skipped the bats and ghosts and bunting this time. We loaded up on mums and pumpkins and just decorated the front steps.

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I think some of my friends wonder what I do all day now that I’m not teaching. I’ve heard cracks about all the naps I must take, yadda yadda yadda. And seriously, since I’m basically a cross between a stay-at-home and work-at-home mom, it can be hard to explain without being met by blank stares that are most certainly thinking I hang out on the couch all day.

So, this was my day today (in bulleted list form):

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Here are some good things that have happened lately, to turn my birthday frown upside down.


One of the GeekMoms, Natania, got a bunch of us hooked on Ipsy. My first bag came last month, and I just got the email that my February bag is on its way. Happy dance! I loved the goodies in the first bag (that Briogeo deep conditioner was amahzing).

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