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March 2016 Outfits

This month was full of birthdays and celebrations and fun. Hannah and I are out in Lancaster county as I type this, checking out trains and horses and fabric and ice cream. We head home tomorrow, and maybe I’m just viewing the month with rosy glasses because I’m having so much fun with my little sidekick. But, March rocked.

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February 2016

If January was all about decluttering, February was all about illness and injury. Meh. But also, birthdays and parties!!

This was the month I found out I probably need knee surgery. We had a quick round of a stomach bug with Hannah. Adam needs to have more dental surgery soon. And I’ve been snowed under by a nasty cold/sinus infection for the past few days. But, I’m getting there! On the mend.

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hannah hospital

So here’s the thing about November and December: they were kind of the worst.

Hannah spent 2 nights in the hospital the week before Christmas having some tests done. Everything came out clear, but we were still camped out in a hospital room with our little girl. And we may have more tests ahead of us. Nothing life threatening, but still awful. That photo above was when we first checked in, before she was all hooked up to wires.

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Christmas 2015 3

Our Christmas photos! This is the entire glorious whirlwind of holiday spirit that I haven’t already posted. Read more on Christmas!…


Happy happy happy! I loved Thanksgiving this year, even with a few challenges. Great new recipes, and lots of great family time. Even a new tradition with the kids.

The challenge came from our trip to see the Macy’s balloons inflated. We skipped last year because of an impending ice storm, and I thought we’d actually gone the year before. We didn’t, I have no idea why. So Hannah’s had one trip, as a wee little baby. And maybe I’m remembering the challenges that kept us away after the fact. The crowds, the trip into the city on the busiest travel day, having the stroller.

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October 2015 Outfits-001

I’ve needed this week to kind of reboot a little and shift gears from fall/Halloween to HAPPY HOLIDAYS ALL THE THINGS TO DO!!!

But October was pretty great. Mild weather, a great party, a killer homemade Halloween costume for Hannah. I got TWO new chunky turtleneck sweaters, which means prepare to see those two sweaters in constant rotation until March. I do not play around when it comes to turtleneck season.

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Halloween prep has taken up a huge, wonderful chunk of this month. It’s been a month of deadlines for some great projects, but it’s also been making Hannah’s costume and getting stuff together for this party. It was the most Pinteresty party that ever Pinterested.

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July 2015

It happens every year, without fail. In July and August, I basically wear two outfits and hardly take any pictures. It’s summer, it’s hot, school is out, and we’re busy just doing things. We’ve done tons in July.

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My aunt’s funeral was today. She passed away last Saturday at 83 after struggling for years with heart disease. This is my Aunt Debbie, my mom’s eldest sister. That photo is from my wedding 8 years ago. I drove my mom down to see her a few weeks ago in the hospital, and it turned out to be the day we said our goodbyes to each other. I’m so glad we could do that.

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Last Day of School 20151

Another year finished. It’s been a draining week; we had a family crisis with one of my relatives this week, and it’s been emotional. But then suddenly today Hannah was finishing up her last year in the toddler room at her school. Next year she’ll be in the primary room (ages 3-6). Two full years with the best teacher, and she’s grown so much and changed so much.

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