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I’m taking forever to get these road trip photos up, but life keeps getting in the way.

After we left Boston and Plymouth, we headed to Portland, ME. I loved Portland. Really we spent most of our time in Maine eating, and that’s a pretty perfect vacation as far as we’re concerned. We’d heard about the food scene up there for ages but finally got to experience some of it.

Our first night in Portland, Monday night, we made a pilgrimage to Duckfat, a place we’d heard of any time the Portland food scene was mentioned. It was behind our hotel, so as pilgrimages go it was pretty lightweight, but I could have eaten every single meal here. The duckfat fries are everything you’d think they would be, with amazing dipping sauces to choose. And there’s just something about a perfect bowl of tomato soup and a grilled cheese sandwich on a chilly night that nothing else on earth can rival. They do it right here. Ugh, it’s pouring here in NJ today…now I want that meal again.

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So I’ve had this Dr. Seuss fabric for a while now, at least a couple of years. I have 3 different collections of Dr. Seuss fabric and have never thought of a great project for them. But I’ve been working for weeks with the PTA on Read Across America projects for tomorrow, so I’ve had Dr. Seuss on the brain. It was time to make Hannah a new play quilt (she’s been taking this one to her sitter’s all year) and I thought a lift-the-flap quilt would be really cool for her at this age. So I’ve been inspired, and I thought it would be a fun quilt to work on leading up to her first birthday.

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That guy. I couldn’t stop talking about the Marimekko raincoat for Hannah, and he was going to try and get over to the store during lunch this week to get it. But then it popped up on the website (it wasn’t there when I checked), and he ordered it. And it. Is. Amazing. 12 months size, so she’ll grow into it all spring and summer. Entirely fabulous.

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Hannah and I braved the cold and went into Manhattan for the day today. I kind of hemmed and hawed about it this morning because a) Hannah woke up at 1am in hysterical tears, no idea why and b) I had planned on meeting up with Kathy but didn’t have her Christmas and birthday presents ready yet. Somehow these things, combined with the cold, just felt too insurmountable. But, I dragged myself out of bed at 8:30 this morning and got us out of the house.

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My fabulous and amazing mentor Dee sent this out today, and I love it. Zazzle is now selling prints, tees, bumper stickers with this Burning Through Pages graphic (in addition to some other equally outstanding book nerd goodies). I support everything about this.

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And she has adorable taste, this was my favorite theme as well.

Yesterday I took her up to the Paramus Container Store as part of a whirlwind day visiting folks. We saw an old high school friend of mine, Ryann, who’s asked me to make a baby quilt for the little girl she’s having Christmas week. We had lunch with my mom and coffee with Kathy, and in between that Hannah was introduced to her mother’s annual holiday tradition.

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And I’ve got my new fall shoes ready to go.

Boots from Lands’ End and pumps from Aerosoles. Now if only it weren’t still 80 degrees outside….

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Okay, this is the last of my posts on our 2 weeks of adventure introducing Hannah to all of England. After we left Stonehenge it was time for a wedding! I’m not going to post a lot of photos from the wedding since it was Morgan and Katie’s own wonderful, beautiful day to share. But we do need to take a moment for Hannah’s wedding outfit.

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Other posts on this trip: Manchester and Blackburn, Derbyshire, Sheffield, The Bakewell Show.

We left Cora and Ian in Derbyshire on the evening of August 1st, a day before Ian’s birthday and after our afternoon at the Bakewell Show. Adam and I wanted to spend a day on our own, just the three of us, recharging a little and giving Hannah some quiet time in between lots of meet and greets with all the family. After this break we were headed to London for Morgan and Katie’s wedding, a family reunion, and a few days with Adam’s dad and stepmom. So it was a great break in the middle of a great trip.

We made our way from Derbyshire down to the west coast of England, near Wales, to stay for 2 nights in Bristol. We got there around midnight, after spending about an hour trying to figure out which road would actually let us get to the hotel (lots of one ways and detours in Bristol). So it didn’t leave us any time for exploring Bristol that night, but we were up bright and early the next day to head to nearby Bath.

I really wanted to go to Bath because the Jane Austen Centre is there.

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Other posts on this trip: Manchester and Blackburn, Derbyshire.

While we were staying with Cora and Ian we took a day on our own to head into Sheffield. It was a pretty late day, this family doesn’t get rolling until well after lunch. But we were meeting Adam’s friends Conrad, Richard, and Amanda for dinner. Cora had a (poetry I think?) class that night, so the three of us struck out on our own for the day and went in to meander around a little.

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