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So, I have gotten my hands on some cool stuff lately. Like these t-shirts from Totally Good Time. (I also have a Gilmore Girls shirt, but I’m saving it for the Netflix premiere on Black Friday).

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These are Hannah’s new fall boots, and I’m obsessed with them. She’s been wearing them since mid-September already, but I haven’t posted about them. And I keep getting asked where they came from. They’re Emu Australia boots, but I got them from Zappos. They come in a bunch of different animal designs. Hannah picked the lambs, and I think she has excellent taste.

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derbyshire yorkshire 1

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The last leg of our UK trip last month was up to stay with my in-laws in Derbyshire and spend some time running around the country and running around Sheffield (which is South Yorkshire).

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london 2016 1

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On the first leg of our UK trip, we were staying outside of London with one set of my in-laws. So we did Legoland, then the next day we went into London. Fish and chips for lunch! Savile Row!

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marimekko target 1

Target launched a new designer line of goodies back on April 17th, this time with Marimekko. Which is my favorite fabric designer. As much as I love Liberty, Marimekki’s big bold prints own my heart.

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spring break 2016 1

Hannah and I hit the road this week for three nights in Lancaster county. We did this two years ago, and then again that same summer with my mom, and it was great. Last year we were in Las Vegas for spring break, but this year we didn’t have any plans. And H is a little older, we don’t need the stroller. She was much more into it this trip. We did a lot of fabric shopping for Mommy, but we also saw tons of trains and animals for her.

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liberty fabric

I’ve been stocking up on Liberty of London fabrics from a secret, cheap source in Manhattan. I’m not ready to share the source yet, because the members of my quilt guild who shared it will take back my crafter card if I spill the beans. The point is that now I have to figure out what to make.

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I always thought my hands were too shaky to ever do my own nails, but then before the holidays I decided I was tired of spending money and time on manicures. This is the top of the mountain of First World Problems, I know. But, I’m a lifelong nail biter. Having my nails done stops the biting habit.

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I’ve been picking up a few things ahead of my birthday next week that just make me smile. This octopus gives me the happies, I picked him up at Target last week. He’s sitting in my studio looking down at me with his piratey, cephalopod ways.

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Since I don’t need to dress for my teaching job anymore, I’ve ended up with a hodgepodge of new t-shirts and other casual paraphernalia. First, I got a pair of Bean boots. Which are actually amazing for snow and for trudging behind horses during Hannah’s equine PT. I had no idea there was a cult around these shoes, and that you have to order them waaay in advance because they take weeks and sometimes sell out for the season. I ordered mine back in October, they were here in plenty of time for snow.

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