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Katherine Hepburn Brownies

This is such an awesome brownie recipe, Hannah and I have made these a few times now. I stumbled on this one on Pinterest from Saveur. Hannah graduated from feeding therapy in May, which is completely amazing and glorious. But, she is still one picky little munchkin. She has trust issues when it comes to my cooking because I have a sneaky habit of sticking veggies in things. #sorrynotsorry

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Blueberry Oatmeal Cookies

Fresh fruit season is coming in the Northeast. I’ve still got blueberries in our chest freezer from last summer, and I’m working on ways to use them up before all the delicious new stuff makes an appearance. These were an attempt to create a cookie with fruit that Hannah would eat. I don’t like raisins, and blueberries seemed like a great oatmeal cookie substitute so I hit up Pinterest for some recipes. And Hannah loved them…except she just ate around the blueberries. Listen, life with a picky eater and food therapy graduate is a roller coaster of trial and error.

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We are wild about mini muffins around here, and this is one of my tricks for getting more fruits and veggies into Hannah’s body. But the little stinker knows now that I sneak things into her muffins, so she only wants to eat them if they come out of a mini muffin package from the store. So…I may have started saving the store packages to sneak my own muffins into them. I’m not above trickery when it comes to feeding this kid.

This recipe from Umami Girl is a double whammy. Bananas and sweet potatoes, so much good stuff. You don’t taste the sweet potatoes, these just taste like banana bread. I dotted chocolate chips into them after I’d poured them into my muffin pan to make them extra enticing.

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mini frittatas

Ugh, mini frittatas. They were such a promising idea while I was trying to continue my trend with Hannah of getting her to eat things in mini muffin form. But I just cannot get these to work. I’ve tried three different versions, and no matter what I do they glue themselves to the inside of the pan. Mine is now a scratched-up mess from trying to liberate them. And, strangely, they seem to shrink up and deflate inside the pan. Not quite what I had in mind.

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Other posts on this trip: Spring Break in Las Vegas on the Strip.

As much fun as we had running around on the Strip, I think it’s safe to say we had way more fun on this trip sightseeing in the rest of Las Vegas and the desert beyond. There were so many cool things to do.

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bellagio selfie

We just got back from a week in Vegas early yesterday morning. We’re all still very jet lagged, but I’m putting my photos together from the trip. I’m splitting them into a couple of posts just to spread them out a little.

A week in Las Vegas with a three-year-old is a very different animal than a week with just adults. The last time we were there was almost exactly 4 years ago, also on spring break, with my mother- and stepfather-in-law. This trip was very different, but so much fun.

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pizza sauce

Last summer when we did a Scott’s Pizza Tour (seriously, cannot recommend these enough!), I learned 2 great tricks for making pizza sauce that I’ve been using ever since. I can testify that my pizza sauce game is seriously on point now.

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mini nutella muffins 10

So about a month or so ago, we discovered that Hannah will eat anything if it’s in a mini muffin. My extremely fickle toddler is obsessed with minis (regular size just doesn’t quite cut it), and we’ve been using this discovery to get more fruits and veggies in her belly. Her feeding therapist fully supports these sneaky strategies, and so far it’s working.

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beef and potato stew

So in 2014 I used my slow cooker a lot. Actually, this is a recipe that I made before Christmas in 2o13. I am this behind posting recipes, what can I say.

I’ve learned a lot since Christmas 2013. I’ve learned never to freeze anything with potatoes. This is probably obvious to many, but I didn’t really learn my lesson immediately. I’d never tried it before. I made this stew in a huge quantity, and I can tell you that it was a terrible idea. This is really good, but it is considerably less good after the potatoes have hung out in your freezer for a bit. Make it and eat it sooner rather than later. Don’t freeze it. Don’t make my same mistakes.  Read more on Slow-Cooker Beef and Potato Stew…

coriander pork roast

I made this Food Network recipe last summer and didn’t take any photos of it once I put it in the crockpot. Well, I took one photo of it. But that photo is terrifying. The meat was falling apart when I took it out, and while the meal was delicious it was not cute. I think I used a different kind of pork roast, and if I make this again I will use exactly what the recipe calls for. I just had a random pork roast in my freezer (what, you don’t?), so I used that. Also, I skipped the rutabaga.

I really set this recipe up well, didn’t I? Falling apart, hideous photos, no rutabaga. Bet you can’t wait to try it. I promise, though, it was tasty. Read more on Slow-Cooker Coriander Pork Roast…

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