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This one is from UK magazine Delicious, and let’s just call a duck a duck. This is a stew, not a casserole. But it’s an incredible stew that screams fall at the top of its lungs. This is the fall stew equivalent of Julie Andrews singing on a hilltop. And the leftovers were just as tasty. Also, this is fairly low carb. Really the cider is the only carb-tipping element, and it’s fall. You can live a little.

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This was a recipe I found on Pinterest, except the original, from Diary of a Recipe Collector, used a can of cream of mushroom soup as the sauce. We’re not mushroom fans around here, and I’m not such a fan of processed, canned soups when soup is really easy to just make. So, I ended up making a super fast, homemade cream soup base that was dark and rich because I really let the roux cook down.

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The original recipe for this yummy salad was great, but I swapped out a few things when I made this a while back. The dressing is so good. But feel free to go bananas with the original from Cafe Delites. It’s a great dinner salad. 

Dressing / Marinade:
⅓ cup honey
3 tablespoons whole grain mustard
2 tablespoons smooth and mild Dijon mustard
2 tablespoons olive oil
1 teaspoon minced garlic
Salt to season
4 skinless and boneless chicken thighs or chicken breasts

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This was a great summer dinner, but fall is my true slow cooker season. And still, a beef gyro is great for a weekend dinner, when we tend to go out for lunch and eat a bigger meal, then we just graze or throw something quick together for dinner. With this recipe, I can put these on in the morning before the day gets going, and we have weekend dinner for that evening with minimum work. This recipe is from Six Sisters Stuff, and it was straightforward and delicious. I only took one photo of the finished product, but look how tasty.

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Last Friday we headed to Battleview Orchards after school to get our apples. We’re late this year, we’re usually out in September. But late meant that the late varieties of apples, like Granny Smiths, were finally available. We never get Granny Smiths!

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I made this early in the year, when the weather was still chilly enough for something hearty like this. It’s a fantastic Food and Wine recipe, it can easily be made with whole wheat pasta, and it was delicious. The recipe made quite a big of pork sugo, which froze really well. We’ve eaten it a few more times since I first made this. Now that falls back, this is perfect comfort food.

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I was at Universal a few years ago, when the Harry Potter section was new, but I’d just found out that I was pregnant and couldn’t ride anything. My brother-in-law Thomas and I took a break from Disney and went over to Universal last week. I Harry Potter’d! I did so much Harry Pottering!

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I’ve made a few recipes from Geoffrey Zakarian’s My Perfect Pantry, and it’s a great book. I made this one quite a while ago and never posted it, but it was crispy and delicious and straightforward to master with this recipe. And I haven’t had breakfast yet, so now I’m really hungry. Zakarian says in his book that he makes this almost every day for lunch in his restaurant.

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Cherry picking is still H’s favorite of all the fruit pickings. She just absolutely loves cherry trees. This year’s sour cherry season was insanely short, less than a week. Battleview Orchards opened on a Monday, we were there on Wednesday, and by Friday they were picked clean. 


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We didn’t go strawberry picking this year, but we did pick up strawberries from Cedar Hill Farm & Nursery, a local farm that sells pesticide-free strawberries. The season has ended here, which makes me sad every year. It feels too short!

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