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It’s here! She has a moving up ceremony tomorrow off campus, but today is her last day of school…at school. This kid has grown up so much this school year. She doesn’t look drastically different, but she is drastically different. More confident (not like confidence has ever been a problem with Miss Thing).

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“I love dogs! They’re my favorite pet animals.”
“I love parrots! They’re my favorite birds.”
“I love dolphins! They’re my favorite sea animals.”
“I love lions! They’re my favorite big animals.”
“I love dinosaurs! They’re my favorite reptiles.”
“I love spiders! They’re my favorite bugs.”

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So May was…eventful. We went to Mexico for a family vacation and celebrated our 10th wedding anniversary there. And while we were on the plane, I got a job offer. That I’ve accepted….

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We’re a little late here, the last month has been jam-packed. But Hannah and I signed up for the Kids Quilt Round Robin that Sarah Nunes from Berry Barn Designs and Sarah Goer are organizing this summer. Sarah Nunes reached out to me after I posted some Instagram photos of Hannah and her new sewing machine, and it seemed like such a great chance to get a little sewing in this summer and learn some new techniques with my new sewer.

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We made these last summer, and I never posted them, and they were such incredibly outside, fire up the grill meals. Could not be easier, and if you need to feed a crowd, here you go. I thought these were perfect with Memorial Day Weekend coming up. Now I want to make these again. The recipe was from Damn Delicious, and truer words have never been spoken.

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The two outings we’ve done on this trip have both been animal centered because Hannah is a deep animal lover. Like, owns several vet doctor’s kits, loves Doc McStuffins, treats pretend animals, and has been making us play “water hospital,” a game she invented, in the pool through this entire trip. So yesterday it was the Croco Cun Zoo, and this morning she and I swam with the dolphins at Delphinus Puerto Morelos.

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We haven’t left the resort in 4 days, but this morning we headed out to Croco Cun Zoo, which is right nearby. It was so much fun! It’s an interactive zoo that used to be a crocodile farm. They have more than 200 crocodiles hanging out around the place. It’s not a wandering zoo, you get a guided tour (and bring tip money, our guide was well worth it). It takes about an hour to walk through, but you pet some very cool animals that are almost all local to Mexico. They also take in rescues and confiscated animals that people used to keep as wild pets.

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Today was our 10th wedding anniversary, I can’t believe how quickly that went. It feels like we’ve lived such a lifetime since our wedding day, but also…it was brief.

We’re celebrating in Mexico. This month is a whirlwind, with big, exciting things happening I’m not quite ready to announce yet. But I’ve also been planning and preparing for this trip, so I really haven’t posted much. I’m working on that, but for now. This is where I’m at.

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I’m juggling a lot as May gets started, and I haven’t posted in 2 weeks. I’m getting over strep throat for the THIRD time since the beginning of April, and we’re getting ready for a family holiday this month. But April was a great month, with a spring break trip to Mystic, CT and my first quilt finish of 2017 (I know, it only took until April).

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A spring tutorial! Hannah’s been more and more interested in flowers this year as they bloom all over. She’s been picking dandelions everywhere we go, and digging holes in the mulch in the backyard with the gardening tools her grandparents gave her. I do not have a green thumb, but she’s fascinated. So I’ve been brainstorming some gardening projects we could do together, for me to learn some things and for her to watch things grow.

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