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I’ve been blogging as The Orange Room since April 2008. Blogging was where I documented life as a school librarian, crafter, quilter, and (as of March 2012) mom. These days I get into all kinds of shenanigans. This site got a complete makeover in July 2014. New and shiny!

I was an elementary school librarian for five years before leaving in June of 2013. Since then I’ve been doing a lot of freelance writing and quilting while raising my two-year-old daughter. In September 2014, I’ll be returning to teaching part-time in a new school district. I can’t let that MSLIS get too dusty, but I will still be writing and quilting and raising a two-year-old.

Life as a work-at-home-mom is not for the fainthearted, lemmetellya. Some days the hill in front of me seems insurmountable: work is slow, or deadlines are looming, or the toddler’s got a ballpoint pen and isn’t afraid to use it. Usually that’s when I bake something or make jam instead. (I also post a lot of recipes.)

I live at the Jersey Shore with said pen-wielding toddler and my English husband.

I can’t garden to save my life, but I love to cook. And travel. And take pictures of food, it’s a really annoying habit that I’m in therapy for. And that therapy is called Instagram.

I’m a Senior Editor at GeekMom. I love it there and learn so much from that amazing collective. I write in various other places, and I’m always on the lookout for new ones. Words are just…everything.

I’m a work in progress in all things (just look at my early blog photography to get an idea of how true this is). Everything I make teaches me something new that I bring to the next thing. Rules make me itchy, and even when I’m using someone else’s pattern or recipe I tend to hack it and make it my own (with full credit to the original maker, because as a librarian I believe that proper citation is what separates us from the animals).

Feel free to poke around and share the whole scope of this life I’m working on. You can also visit my brand spanking new Etsy shop here.

I have things brewing. THINGS. And this site is where I’ll announce them when I’m allowed (or ready) to do so. I hope you’ll keep coming back. Let’s be friends!

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