My January Bulletin Boards

Friday, January 11th, 2013

I came up with this winter bulletin board idea around Thanksgiving, and I saved it for January. I love it so much that I might keep it up until spring. Can you tell the kids are having a snowball fight? I didn’t know if it would translate.

And my Blast Off With Books program is running along pretty smoothly. My supervisor had suggested having the K and 1 kids fill out a form or do a drawing for each book they read, but with 40 minutes a week that was just really time consuming. So for the little ones, I’m using the circulation statistics of how many books they are returning to the library. I may start sending forms home with kids soon, though, so then I may change that. The kids really love this program!


Halloween Bulletin Board

Saturday, October 13th, 2012

I have not even had a chance to finish my Halloween decorating at work, but I did get this bulletin board done last Friday. I’m in love with it. I love doing bulletin boards, but the past couple of years I hadn’t really had time to organize myself beyond my beloved library tree. This year is different. I love my Blast Off With Books board (a program that’s turning into a big hit, by the way). I still love my library tree. And now this back of the room board I’ll change up frequently.

I kept up the white background paper I’d used for my gold medal-themed September board. I used my roll of brown kraft paper to cut out some cave-like ridges and lay it over the white background. Then I cut out the bats using a template I found online, used 2 pieces of red construction paper for the vampire’s cape, 1 piece of black paper to give him a turtleneck (I didn’t bother with arms or anything). I drew his face on a circle of pale white paper, and I cut out a black hairdo to match. The school die cut machine and some red construction paper gave me the letters, and voila!

Love. It.

1.5 Weeks Down, 38 to Go

Saturday, September 15th, 2012

I’ve been off the grid since the first day of school, it’s been HARD.

I was doing fine last Tuesday when the teachers started back to school; Adam stayed home with Hannah that day. I was doing great the first day of school, when Hannah went to her sitter Diana’s house for the first time. But then I picked her up on Wednesday and realized she’d spent an entire day with someone else. She had a great time, but it felt so surreal to me. Then I got a horrible night’s sleep, woke up in tears about the daunting prospect of another day with this new reality, got through Thursday, and had a complete breakdown after putting her to bed that night. The time with her after school just went too fast. I’ve never cried so hard in my life.

But we got through that first short week and my first full week of school. And I’ve just been soaking in the time with her, I’ve shut out everything else in life but that and getting the library ready for the school year. Ironing is piling up, I’ve barely been online since school started, I’ve forgotten to return texts and emails. And I haven’t stayed later at work than I have to. It’s a huge transition, and I know at some point we’ll get the hang of it. I can’t believe how many bags of stuff I leave the house with every day, and I still haven’t perfected the commute time with her. But she loves Diana and the two little boys there, too. So that’s a load off my mind, that she’s happy and not crying for me. Although I’ll admit, the first day I was a teensy bit sad that she didn’t seem to miss me at all.

Yesterday was a tough day, so I’m really glad to be home now for a 4 day weekend. The work doesn’t wait for me to collect myself after dropping off my baby, and of course the first couple weeks of school are filled with things that don’t work, paperwork that needs finishing, and new learning curves for everyone. I haven’t been able to start checking out books yet, but I’m really hoping that the 4 days, some rest, and some time with the baby will make next Wednesday seem a little less daunting.

Hannah is passed out on our bed with her dad, so I thought I’d let the sleeping bear and cub keep napping while I catch up with the universe. My bulletin boards look great, I’ve changed it up a little this year. The Library Tree is now where the Achievements board used to be.

In its place is my new Blast Off With Books board. I’ve gotten rid of Achievements and am now keeping track of the number of books read by students. They fill out a little form every time they read a book.

I used my Cricut for the spaceships and letters, it’s the Boys Will be Boys cartridge.

And then I decided to move my new book displays. I got rid of the Spotlight On bulletin board, which no one ever paid any attention to anyway. I want to keep the front bookcase under the Blast Off board clear for student work this year, I’m going to select the best works and put them in flyer displays there. Taping them all to the desk just isn’t working anymore. So I want to make use of that real estate at the back of the room, where no one ever goes to look for things.

I was inspired by the Olympics this year. I should have rethought the paper I used with the white background (I never do white backgrounds), but I’m not going to stress it.

And of course most of this was done before school even started, so I had my helper with me.

And by helper, I mean she hung out quietly watching Winnie the Pooh for a little while so I could finish up.

I’m getting there. I’m really grateful for this 4 day weekend, I desperately need to decompress and spend time with that little schmoop.


Winter Library Tree 2011

Wednesday, December 7th, 2011

I don’t really start to feel December festive until this goes up. My 3rd and 4th graders helped get this up Thanksgiving week, and I love seeing it when I come in every day. Don’t ask me to explain, but this particular piece of the library (whatever the season) always makes me feel warm and fuzzy. Now that it’s posted, I can officially commence the holiday merriment.

Library Halloween Decorations

Tuesday, October 18th, 2011

I got my Halloween decorations up today! Now I feel festive.