Pumpkin Picking

Tuesday, October 15th, 2013

We took Hannah to Atlantic Farms on Saturday, just like last year, to get a pumpkin and visit the petting zoo. We stopped at Hinck’s next door for lunch first; it wasn’t as crowded as last year, and still insanely delicious. Confession: we may have gone at least once over the summer to get a turkey dinner fix. Who can just save it for the holidays?


Toddler Apple Picking!

Saturday, September 21st, 2013

Last Saturday we went apple picking at Battleview Orchards. We stopped for hot donuts and cider first, then headed to the fields. This was Hannah’s first real outing as a walker, and it was pretty fun.


Adventures with Aunt LAM

Saturday, October 27th, 2012

Last Sunday Hannah and I headed up to NYC for a day out with Laura Ann. We met at her place in Astoria so I could see some redecorating she’d done (which looked fantastic, by the way). When I ran back out to the car for something, Laura Ann and Hannah posed.

So sweet! We walked over to Broadway to have lunch at The Queens Kickshaw. I loved this place, we parked the baby in her stroller by the door and sat at a big square communal table sharing cider and eating grilled cheese and tomato soup. It was the end of Cider Week, which is like Laura Ann’s high holy days.

We shared this giant bottle of Crispin cider, which was amazingly good. Laura Ann has me hooked now.

The grilled cheese and soup were perfect for the day.

After a nice long lunch catching up we packed into the car and drove to Chelsea to walk the Highline at sunset.

Laura Ann had been several times, this was my first. And I can’t stop thinking about it, I’m already planning my next trip and any reason to be there again at sunset. It was funny, I was thinking how much it reminded me of The Curious Garden, and then we passed a table for the Friends of the Highline that had the book on display. Great minds.

I especially love the seats where you can sit and look out over 10th Avenue.

Puffy vests, a city walk, cider, and grilled cheese with soup? I can’t think of a more perfect fall day.  I needed that city recharge.


Fall Mixed Up by Bob Raczka

Thursday, October 25th, 2012

I cannot overstate what a marvelous fall read-aloud Bob Raczka’s Fall Mixed Up is. I have read it to all of my 1st grade classes, my Multiply Disabled class, and I’m getting ready to read it to my kindergarten classes. I think this might even be my favorite read aloud of the year so far.
I bought this book last year hoping to get some use out of it, but I guess in my pregnant haze I decided it would be too confusing after all to read with classes. Not to mention the fact that I was furiously trying to squeeze in all of my Big Important Units with each grade before I went on maternity leave—we were kind of rushed last year. But this year I brought it out, and it was a huge hit.

Someone has gotten fall all mixed up. From the first sentence (“Every Septober, Every Octember, Fall fills my senses with scenes to remember.”) we know something isn’t right. Red pumpkins, bears collecting nuts for the winter, turkey legs and stuffing for trick or treaters. It’s all wrong! Can the readers sort it all out?

The more animated you get with this one, the better (I personally like to play dumb and pretend I don’t know it’s all wrong). I also had the kids make some fall collages to hang in the library. That took 2 weeks, so the next week we read Bob Raczka’s sweet but less hilarious Who Loves the Fall?. This title also went over well, especially when we reminded ourselves of all the fall things that went wrong in last week’s book.

So. Much. Fun.

Fall Is Ripe for the Picking

Monday, October 22nd, 2012

The Reeve family definitely got their apple picking and pumpkin picking on this month. The first weekend of the month was apples at Battleview Orchards. I was very excited to introduce Adam to one of my favorite summer spots with Hannah. Seriously, the country store sells the best sugar cookies known to man. We went to the store first to get hot cider and supplies. Then it was out to the fields.

They’re actually way more organized and helpful than Eastmont Orchards.

It was actually a really gloomy day. We were out very early in the morning to drop off a trunk full of books for my sorority’s charity drive. And we only stayed out picking for maybe half an hour, we just beat the pouring rain.

But it was so worth it. We went back to Battleview the next week for more cider and goodies from the store, but we went after lunch and it was a MOB. SCENE. Traffic down the road in both directions, a packed store, overflowing lots. Everyone and their uncle went apple picking last Saturday, so I was actually kind of thrilled we went on a rainy Monday early in the month.

Hannah’s kind of an expert fruit picker by now.

And they were some good looking fruits.

Then last weekend we went back over to Atlantic Farms to get a pumpkin out of a real pumpkin patch. None of this random field littered with pumpkins business. But again, we learned that we MUST get out of the house earlier. We tried to go to Hinck’s for lunch again and it was also a mad house. These beautiful days are bringing out all the other people that love fall, it’s cramping my style.

But still, it was a gorgeous day. And yes, we put the baby in a pumpkin hat to go pumpkin picking. We are those people.

I love this stuff! More on the apples later, and I’m still deciding how to carve the triumphant pumpkin. And, you know…whether or not I need to go to Whole Foods and buy 5 more for a porch-scape.